em-tec designs and manufactures non-invasive medical flow-measurement technology for the pharmaceutical, pharma and bioprocess industries.

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em-tec designs and manufactures non-invasive, medical flow-measurement technology for the pharmaceutical, pharma and bioprocess industries. em-tec GmbH are specialists in flow-measurement systems and development within the medical and bioprocessing technology sector. Their expertise in medical technology is specially developed to meet the strict, hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical and bioprocess technology. Whether in the laboratory area or automated bioprocessing systems, em-tec offers ideal products and systems for media-free flow measurement of fluid-carrying hoses and hose systems. Their quality assurance and quality management in accordance with the strict requirements of EN ISO 13485, as well as their expertise in worldwide approvals form the foundation for success in these areas. em-tec is part of PSG®a Dover Company, a global expert in pumping and dispensing solutions that enable the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable fluids and materials that require optimal performance and reliability in applications where it matters most. em-tec GmbH was founded in 1989 and for over 30 years, em-tec GmbH has developed and produced innovative and economical products and customer-specific solutions for medical as well as non-medical applications on the factory in Finning, Germany. Up until now, the main focus has been on life-saving apparates, especially in cardiac surgery or cardiac support systems. One of the core competencies is non-invasive flow measurement using the ultrasonic transit method. Based on this technology, em-tec offers products and components for medical and non-medical applications such as cardiac or vascular surgery, for applications in laboratories, for bioprocesses or other industrial applications, that use flexible pipes. The core business is sensor systems for non-invasive flow measurement for laboratory scale in bioprocess engineering with strict hygienic requirements and for GMP-oriented and industrial bioprocess technology.
The product program includes various types of flow-measurement systems for the pharmaceutical, pharma and bioprocess industries, including solutions for non-invasive flow measurement on flexible-hose systems in single-use applications and on extracorporeal tube circuits within medical technology. The sensor, which works on the basis of the ultrasonic transit method for non-invasive flow measurement, ensures a reliable monitoring of the volume flow rate in both laboratory-scale and industrial applications. The transducer clicks on and can thus be easily and quickly connected to flexible pipes without opening the system. This avoids both contamination and pressure drop. The non-invasive, functional design without moving parts prevents additional shear stress in relation to the medium, which is a significant advantage compared to invasive methods when it comes to handling shear-sensitive organisms or biomolecules. The ultrasound transit method used combined with a customer-specific calibration with regard to the respective process parameters allows for a very accurate measurement in addition to flexible application options. The sensor systems can be used in a number of applications, among others:
  • Flow measurement on flexible pipes and single-use equipment
  • Flow monitoring during chromatography or laboratory-scale filtration
  • Control of upstream feed
  • Additions
  • Evaluation and scale-up of processes
  • Control of process equipment such as pumps or valves
  • Chromatographies
  • Addition of media to bioreactors
  • Filtering
  • Process evaluation
  • Scaling up
  • Research