Jordan Valves

Jordan Valve is an American valve manufacturer that has high expertise and many years of experience in manufacturing valves for demanding applications and environments.

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Jordan Valve is part of Richards Industrials, which started with Jordan Valve as the only product line from 1955 to 1983. Since then, many more have been added. In 1983, Richards Industrials acquired the Hex Valve line from Circle Seal Corporation, a division of Brunswick . In 1986, they licensed a water dispenser product line from Bestobell Steam in England. In 1998, they acquired the Marwin Valve product line. In 2007, the Steriflow Valve was added to the Richards Industrials family, the LowFlow Valve was added in 2012, and the Steriflow Food and Beverage was the newest addition in January 2019, making up the 7th Richards Industrials' product line. Jordan Valve manufactures pressure and back-pressure regulators, temperature regulators, pneumatic and electric control valves and accessories for all processes in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, refining, energy, food and beverage industries. The unique feature of a Jordan valve is the sliding-gate principle. A remarkably simple concept that offers superior performance and benefits not found in traditional seat and globe valves. The sliding-gate seat consists of two primary parts: a movable disc and a stationary plate with multiple openings. Together, this seat kit achieves performance, reliability and accuracy that is difficult to find in other valve designs. Jordan Valve valves are used in a wide variety of processes. Among other things, the company has an in-depth collaboration with General Electric on the design and manufacture of critical pressure-control valves for use in their turbines worldwide, and with TVA (the US's largest public electric utility) on the design and manufacture of a range of pressure-control valves used to improve fossil fuel plants. Jordan Valve is also DuPont's preferred supplier of pressure control valves worldwide. 
Jordan Valve has talented employees who work in teams to design innovative new products and further develop the company's existing product portfolio to serve their customers. They want to be a trusted partner that helps their customers achieve tangible results, including lower operating costs, optimized performance, extended product life, mitigated risks and higher productivity. No one wants unplanned downtime or product failure. That's why Jordan Valve has an unwavering commitment to standards and processes that ensure innovative and reliable product design.Richards Industrials meets customer needs with a wide range of new and proven manufacturing technologies. Complete in-house CNC machining, painting, assembly and testing along with material traceability and comprehensive quality procedures ensure that Richards Industrial's products exceed your expectations. Custom engineering and an experienced workforce are the foundation of the company's superior manufacturing capabilities. Richards Industrials focuses on new product development, process improvements, lead time reduction, on-time delivery and quality. Using proven techniques such as Lean Manufacturing, Richards Industrials has streamlined its production, sales and service. The company is dedicated to finding ways to improve their manufacturing processes, their existing products, create new products, reach new markets and respond faster to customer requests. Alflow stocks a wide range of Jordan Valve products. Contact us and find out more.