Lake Products Limited manufactures sealing solutions for hygienic industries including the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Lake Products Limited was formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1992 by the current owner and managing director, Andrew Haynes. The company started out manufacturing products for sanitary pipes before developing the Pipetite® range of products for sanitary pipe systems. The Pipetite products were first installed in 2006 at a cheese factory on the North Island of New Zealand. The range includes a range of specialist products for sanitary and hygiene industries, such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical production facilities. The Pipetite pass-through system is a patented product with an innovative technology that forms a flexible and hygienic sealing around pipe penetrations while allowing the pipelines to move without breaking the seal. The self-sealing design and flexibility eliminate the typical problems often associated with metal wall flanges.
PipeTite seals piping systems without the use of sealant, making the system quick and easy to install. Made from hygienic silicone, Pipetite products help keep process areas isolated from the surrounding space. The airtight seal keeps water, dirt, mold and dust out and can be easily adapted to most pipe types and pipe diameters. Alflow sells a large selection of pass-through systems from PipeTite. Contact us and find out more.