SISTO Armaturen S.A. produces and supplies diaphragm valves for demanding applications in construction, industry and sterile process engineering.

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Since 1988, SISTO Armaturen S.A. an associated company of the KSB group with KSB as a shareholder with 52.9%, and with 47.1% owned by the Luxembourg investment company, SNCI (Société nationale de credit et d'investissement). The company employs around 160 employees for the research, development and manufacture of valves and their accessories. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the development of diaphragm valves and actuator technology, and they continuously develop new and proven products. The company only uses materials of the highest quality, so their valves meet the most demanding quality requirements. SISTO's factory in the city of Echternach in Luxembourg specializes in the manufacture of diaphragm valves, swing check valves and actuators. Since 1994, SISTO has also produced diaphragm valves for sterile processes under the product name SISTO-C. SISTO also develops its own elastomer membranes in Echternach. SISTO valves close softly and can safely be used with pressures up to 20 bar. They are known for their unique sealing system with a closed and spirally supported membrane, which in turn increases operational reliability and the life of the membranes. The SISTO diaphragm valves are designed in such a way that they minimize dead volume and provide optimal cleaning conditions.
SISTO diaphragm valves are used worldwide in a wide range of applications, from building services, industry to biotechnology and the pharmaceutical sector. Within their aseptic SISTO-C series, SISTO produces simple, straight (2-way) valves, T-valves and Y-valves (3-way valves) as well as complex multi-seat valves in both very small and very large nominal sizes (up to a nominal size of 200 mm). Since all production processes that affect quality take place in-house, SISTO is able to offer carefully customized products and the company remains highly adaptable when it comes to meeting changing industry and customer requirements. The values ​​of trust, honesty, responsibility, professionalism and appreciation are at the core of SISTO and KSB's culture and daily activities. This approach, as well as the company's specific expertise, enables SISTO to offer innovative, customer-tailored, high-quality solutions that are at the forefront of process engineering. Alflow sells diaphragm valves from SISTO - including SISTO-C. Contact us and find out more.