Steriflow Valve is an American valve manufacturer that has high expertise and many years of experience in manufacturing sanitary regulators and control valves.

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Steriflow Valve is a leading manufacturer and supplier of, among other things, pressure regulators, control valves and water dischargers for controlling validated steam sterilization and water-pressure control in the biopharmaceutical industry. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the Jorlon membrane on their regulators and control valves. Steriflow Valve is part of Richards Industrials, which started with the Jordan Valve as the only product line from 1955 to 1983. Since then, many more have been added, including the Steriflow Valve, which was added to the Richards Industrials family in 2007. In the 1980s, the new biopharmaceutical industry provided the innovative valve manufacturers the opportunity to create technology for pressure regulation of clean steam and WFI. Steriflow was the first on the market with a highly reliable pressure-reducing valve and back-pressure regulator that met industry standards for material, drainability, particle minimization, surface finish and minimal offset-accuracy requirements. Within 10 years, Steriflow's regulators became the most frequently specified for use within pressure regulation of clean steam, buffer solutions and WFI in the world - and they still are. To promote continued innovation and expand the company's product range, the Steriflow Valve division, which now had several regulators, control valves and special products for clean steam in their range, was created as a part of Richards Industrials in 2007. Since then, Steriflow Valve has introduced the biopharmaceutical industry to a wide range of industrial innovations:
  • The industry's first and only membrane with a lifetime warranty for their regulators and control valves.
  • The first true springless check valve for horizontal and vertical WFI and bio-process applications.
  • The world's only downstream control valve for bioprocess outlets.
  • The world's first aseptic dosing valve for precise dosing.
  • The world's largest water outlet and accessory range including products that can abbreviate SIP - the warm-up time and eliminate validation temperature alarms.
  • The first product line for pure-gas regulation developed specifically for biopharmaceutical applications.
  • The first pure-gas regulators designed specifically for reliable control of low flow and low pressure.
Steriflow manufactures sanitary pressure regulators, control valves, water dispensers, ball valves and accessories for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The company offers - as the only ones - a lifetime guarantee on their diaphragms for regulators and control valves. Steriflow Valve works to design and manufacture the world's most innovative and most reliable sanitary valves of the highest quality for the biopharmaceutical industry. They are passionate about providing valves and equipment that increase customers' asset utilization and yield and reduce operating and maintenance costs. Richards Industrials meets customer needs with a wide range of new and proven manufacturing technologies. Complete in-house CNC machining, painting, assembly and testing along with material traceability and comprehensive quality procedures ensure that Richards Industrials products exceed your expectations. Custom engineering and an experienced workforce are the foundation of the company's superior manufacturing capabilities. Richards Industrials focuses on new product development, process improvements, lead-time reduction, on-time delivery and quality. Using proven techniques such as Lean Manufacturing, Richards Industrials has streamlined their production, sales and service. The company is dedicated to finding ways to improve their manufacturing processes, their existing products, create new products, new brands and respond faster to customer requests. Alflow sells a wide selection of products from Steriflow Valve - including control valves, water dischargers and non-return valves. Contact us and find out more.