Gentle and pulsation-free pumping of resins for chromatography systems

In this case from our supplier of single-use diaphragm pumps, Quattroflow, you will gain an insight into how they helped a customer in the biopharma industry to choose the right pump for their specific challenge.

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Case information
Client PROXCYS Downstream Biosystems B.V.
Industry Bioprocessing, Biopharma
Country Netherlands

PROXCYS Downstream Biosystems B.V.


The task was to identify and incorporate a pumping technology that could meet the need for accurate handling of resins for column packing in high performance radial flow chromatography (HP-RFC) systems.


Proper column packing directly affects the performance of the column. A well-packed column directly contributes to separation and efficient capture of the intended product. The better the resins are packed, the better the separation and the better the solution of the targeted proteins. However, proper packaging of a chromatography column is often easier said than done.


To develop a perfect package, many variables must be taken into account - including flow rate, back pressure and the amount of resins. The properties of the resin beads are also different; some resins are quite fragile and need to be handled with care, while others are quite rigid and can be moved with more force.


The key to properly packing resins in the HP-RFC system is to use the right pump technology. The choice was in favour of the diaphragm pumps from Quattroflow.


The pumps are accurate and have a large turndown ratio. They also have a compact design, so they are easy to integrate into the company's small systems. The pumps do not create foam when pumping, and their product handling is 'fast but gentle', so they pump the shear-sensitive resin beads without damaging them. Quattroflow pumps are therefore excellent for projects where a gentle pump is needed that simultaneously produces high flow rates and is easy to control.


The Quattroflow pumps with their four pump chambers keep the product flow constant and uniform. Nor do the pump chambers contain rotating parts that can be exposed to friction, which minimizes operational heat build-up that could compromise the product.


This mode of operation also means that the pumps can run dry, are self-priming and are capable of creating low shear. In addition, they offer low pulsation, leak-free operation and are easy to control to achieve the required flow rates or pressures. In other words, they have all the features required for proper RFC column packing.

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“It’s actually quite simple for us – Quattroflow checks all the right boxes. The pumps are accurate, have a large turndown ratio, have a compact design for easy integration into our small systems, they do not create foam when they're pumping and their action is 'fast but gentle' to allow shear-sensitive resin beads to be pumped without damage. The Quattroflow pumps are excellent for projects where you need a gentle pump, but one that still produces high flow rates and is easy to control.”

Thijs Groenewegen
Technical Sales Engineer


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Silvia Roma Bentin
Internal Technical Sales

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