Gentle curd-fines pump resulted in major savings at a Danish dairy

Arla Foods

In this case, we take a closer look at how an Arla Foods cheese-making facility, with the help of our curd fines pump from Jung Process Systems, achieved an annual saving of DKK 126,000.

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Case information
Client Arla Cheese Dairy
Industry Food
Customer since 2001
Country Denmark

Arla Foods


At a cheese-making facility, the curd fines have to be moved from cheese vats to cheese moulds, which is typically carried out using a positive displacement pump. Curd fines are soft particles and must be handled with care so as not to break them. If curd fines are broken up by the positive displacement pump, the residues will be collected in the whey filtrate and they will not be worth much compared to if the particles had remained in the cheese. Therefore, gentle handling of curd fines will always be preferable.


With Alflow's curd-fines pump from Jung Process Systems, you achieve maximum gentle handling of your product. The design with rotating twin screws provides a completely linear and laminar flow. Furthermore, the particles - in this case curd fines - will place themselves between the screws and be driven through the pump without acceleration or deceleration and thus with minimal destruction of the curd fines. In this case, an Arla cheese-making facility could save DKK 126,000 a year.

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