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Do you also want to prevent the pump from becoming stuck during CIP?

In dairies, it is preferable to disinfect the plants with hot water at approx. 90 degrees and a final temperature of 85 degrees to ensure that the bacteria are killed.

However, the high temperature also poses a problem as many pumps become stuck during CIP (temperatures above 80 degrees) because the screws expand and get stuck on the pump housing.

In these cases, it is therefore necessary to preheat and cool down after CIP, before the pumps can run again.

And heating and cooling equal downtime.

Do you also want to avoid having to spend precious time heating and cooling the system in connection with CIP?

Then read on - we have a solution.


The solution

The twin screw pump is designed to run both CIP and product, and it is therefore most often used for this operation. However, the Hyghspin pump from Jung Process Systems is the only twin screw pump that can handle the high temperature required for CIP without having to take into account heating and cooling. The Hyghspin twin-screw pump - unlike similar pumps on the market - can withstand CIP temperatures of up to 90 degrees without having to be preheated. With other screw pumps, during intensive heating over 80 and 85 degrees respectively, find that the screws come into contact with the pump housing and in the worst case can become stuck. In any case, this destroys screws and the pump housing, which will require a major renovation. This can be avoided with the Hyghspin twin-screw pump from Jung Process Systems.


Comparison of a traditional positive pump with the Hyghspin twin-screw pump.

The Hyghspin pump can be used for both product and CIP, so there is no need for an external CIP pump, nor is a bypass necessary. This saves time and money on cleaning and maintenance.

Advantages of the Hyghspin pump

  • Save money on less product waste and less downtime
  • Save time on service, maintenance and cleaning
  • Gentle and uniform product handling
  • Pumping of high-viscosity liquids
  • Product and CIP pump in one
  • Maintenance free
  • Space saving
  • High suction power
  • Service friendly
  • Flexible:

Would you like to find out more?

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Philip Ellegaard Andersen
Area Sales Manager Food & Beverage
Jørgen Q. Tran
Product Manager