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Bardiani Valvole

BBZPPG single-seat pigging valve

Bardiani BBZPPG single-seat valve designed for and adapted to the use of pigging systems. The special design of the pigging valve allows a hygienic plug ("pig") to pass through the valve. At the same time, the valve has been developed with as minimal dead space as possible to avoid as much product waste as possible. In this way, maximum benefit is achieved from the pigging system, and both the cleaning process is optimized in relation to water and chemical consumption as well as the CIP time. Futhermore, product waste is reduced to a minimum. This is only possible because all valves at Bardiani are made from a piece of solid bar steel, and in the case of this valve, the housing is specifically made based on the goal of attaining the best possible passage for the pig. At the same time, this provides the best quality and robustness that a valve can get, while at the same time, the valve connections cannot deform7give during welding into the system.
  • Designed and precision engineered for pigging systems
  • Minimal dead-space to maximize product use
  • Robust thanks to valve body and shutter made of solid, stainless bar steel
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to different connection standards
  • Easy maintenance without the use of special tools

As a user of Bardiani Valvole's valves, you will encounter a flexible approach to your needs for sanitary solutions, access to many different stainless alloys and specially adapted designs.

Bardiani Valvole has been producing valves since 1981 and is run by siblings Emanuela and Luca Bardiani. It is important for Bardiani to be socially engaged with its employees. Bardiani is also the main sponsor of the "The Green Team" cycling team.
Maximum pressure
10 bar
Temperature range
-10 - +140 degrees C
DN40 - DN100
Surface roughness
Ra < 0,8 µm


This pigging valve can be delivered with a documentation package that e.g. contains the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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In this video, it is demonstrated how the pigging valve works.

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