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Ygros Valves

Wafer Magnetic Check Valve

Ygros Wafer is a patented magnetic check valve for water treatment, vacuum or gas applications. The check valve is magnetic and developed in a design without a spring, which provides many benefits for industrial applications
  • Less pump resistance and higher efficiency
  • Reduced risk of metal fragments in valves and pumps
  • Avoid accumulation of dirt and debris in the spring
  • Fewer wearing parts which provides less and easier maintenance
  • The springless design does not require regular maintenance
Product Number:YGROS_WAFER

Ygros has developed and patented the magnetic check valve, which provides a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free check valve that ensures unmatched standards of hygiene, durability and efficiency.

Ygros Valves is a leading manufacturer of spring-free check valves for applications in the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas industries. Ygros Valves is part of Carollo srl, which is an innovative engineering company with over 40 years of experience.
Max pressure
40 bar
Opening pressure
7/33 mbar
DN25 - DN150


This check valve can be supplied with a large documentation package containing the following certificates. Contact us if you want to hear more about certificates or the valve.



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Watch a video presentation of Ygros' industrial Wafer check valve

Watch the video with a presentation of Ygros' magnetic Wafer check valve. The video gives you insight into the valve's structure and how easily it can be disassembled, as well as how it can create value for your application, whether that be water treatment, vacuum or gas.

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