Ball valves

Sanitary and industrial ball valves with manual, electric automatic or pneumatic activation. Ball valves are suitable for pumping media with large particles.

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Ball valves

On this site, we have ball valves in various designs that are suitable for sanitary and industrial needs. We have, e.g., manual, electric, automatic or pneumatic ball valves. Explore the selection on this site and order ball valves from Alflow.

Ball valves provide shut-off in the installation

A ball valve is one of the most used valves. It belongs to the group, shut-off valves, and is therefore suitable for shutting off gases or fluids for several industries. The advantage of a ball valve is that it can shut off most media under both vacuum and pressure. If you or your customers have used a solenoid valve before, you probably know that it is not tight when it comes into contact with chemical liquids and gases, or if there is a difference in pressure. Here, a ball valve can help to cope with the task – thanks to the simple and solid construction.

The ball valve is made up of a valve casing with hydraulic connections and gaskets. It helps to seal the flow of liquids and gases with a ball that has a pierced hole. The small ball can have either two or three holes, so you can decide for yourself how the flow should be. In this way, the ball valve achieves an optimal and efficient way of regulating the flow, as it can itself determine which liquids and gases should not be in the flow.

Ball valves for several needs

Thanks to the small ball in the valve, it can precisely regulate, open or close the flow of various media. Other shut-off valves may not offer the same seal as our ball valve, so an Alflow ball valve may be right for you if you want the best result. As you may know, you can use a ball valve under vacuum and pressure. This means that if you work with chemically aggressive media, our ball valves in good materials are obvious to use in large and small installations.

You can use our ball valves for several industries, and this includes, e.g.:

  • The food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry

If the valve therefore has to work with district heating, food or chemical media, we have a ball valve for several applications. Our valves are produced in stainless steel, acid-resistant steel or plastic, which offer the most optimal sealing of various media in the installation.

Find user-friendly ball valves at Alflow

Our ball valves are easy to use, as you can choose whether they should be manual, electric, automatic or pneumatic. If the valve is a manual model, you simply turn the handle. In this way, you can quickly regulate the flow of liquids and gases or close the valve completely.

If the system requires a more advanced solution, then a pneumatic, electric or automatic ball valve is suitable. Here, the valve can be opened or closed electronically or with the help of compressed air. The electric models can close the valve electronically, so you get the most precise flow of gas or water. If it is therefore important that you get the most accurate seal in the ball valve, then an electric model may be the right one.

A pneumatic ball valve works by keeping the valve closed using air in a hydraulic system. Whichever type you choose, you’ll get the most efficient solution for the job, using our great ball valves.

Valves in stainless and acid-proof designs

When choosing among our many valves, there are several valve types to choose from. Does the task involve working with acids and other chemical media? Then our acid-resistant valves may be the obvious choice. Indeed, they have a resistant coating, so it can be used in the installation for several years

An acid-proof valve is hot-dip galvanised, which means that it has been immersed in molten zinc, providing solid protection against acid and other media. However, if the task involves working with water, then a stainless-steel model may be ideal to use. It doesn’t offer the same amount of protection as our acid-resistant models, but it does the job well.

Buy ball valves from Alflow

Have you found the desired ball valve? Then you can order it right here on the site. At Alflow, you can have the valves delivered with certificates, so you can count on using products that meet the requirements of several industries. In our selection of ball valves, we have, e.g., certificates such as:

  • 3.1
  • FDA
  • Atex
  • 10/2011

In this way, you can effectively get on with the work task, as the valves are of the highest quality and approved for various industries. Would you like more information about the many ball valves? Then please feel free to contact us. Our professional specialists are ready to provide advice on which type of valve you should choose.

Alflow has over 20 years of experience with flow, components, applications and processes within several industries. We sell ball valves from trusted and recognised brands, so quality and price are our focus.

What is a ball valve?

A ball valve is a simple on/off (stop) valve, available as a manual and an automatic valve. The valve is widely used in processes, often as an alternative to the butterfly valve.

What are the advantages of a ball valve?

Ball valves can be used for most fluids and processes. They are also suitable for particles and viscous fluids.

What are the disadvantages of a ball valve?

A ball valve can create a pressure surge if it is closed quickly against a pumped liquid flow.

What are the typical ball valves?

There are the following types of ball valves: manual valves with handles, automatic valves (actuator), 2-way and 3-way valves. Control and indicator units are also available for both manual and automatic ball valves.