Check valves

Check valves – or non-return valves – for, e.g., steam, water, gas and process fluids. They prevent backflow and thus ensure your processes against contamination or mixing of media.

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Buy good quality non-return valves

See the selection of check valves from reputable manufacturers at attractive prices at Alflow. A check valve – or a non-return valve – can prevent backflow in the installation and thus avoid contamination and mixing of fluids. Find your workplace’s check valve on this site.

Get a solid installation with check valves

Is your day spent at work with different liquids that ideally should not be mixed together? A check valve can help prevent this. It acts as an intermediary in your system. For example, using a good centrifugal pump, it is best to separate the clean and dirty liquids. That way, there are no complications with an installation, and you can continue to use the smart pump. Therefore, a check valve is suitable for various installations.

A check valve is built in such a way that it ensures that a fluid can only go in one direction. It is therefore particularly suitable for installations dealing with harmful media. In this way, liquids such as water are not contaminated by, e.g., acids or bases. A good quality check valve can also ensure that water hammer doesn’t occur in the system, as it ensures an even flow of the given liquid. Water hammer can damage pipes and the installation itself.

Different check valves for multiple needs

Does the work task require a specific type of check valve? Then you have come to the right place. At Alflow, we have several different types of check valves for several purposes. Check valves can be divided into various types:

  • Non-return ball valve has a spring-actuated ball that closes against a seat
  • A spring-load non-return valve is fitted with a swivelling disk

Both types work basically the same way. The gas or fluid flows into the inlet side of the valve and out of the outlet. If there is a return flow in the installation, the spring-load non-return valve will close. A spring-load non-return valve is suitable for applications with high pressure, insufficient back pressure and high flow rates.

Find the right check valve

At Alflow, we have check valves for several types of fluids. Not all check valves are suitable for all purposes. At Alflow you can buy check valves that work for, e.g.:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Acids and bases

You are very welcome to obtain advice from our skilled and competent specialists. When you contact us, you can find exactly the check valve you need, thanks to our competent employees.

Remember to install the valve correctly

When a valve is to be installed in the system, it is important that it faces the right way. If the valve is not installed correctly, the liquid or gas will not be able to flow through the installation. On the check valve, it is indicated how the valve is mounted correctly on the pump or pipe.

An incorrect installation of a valve can also mean that backflow occurs – and that can be a problem. This results in you having to spend more time and energy pumping the same liquid or gas several times.

Choose good-quality check valves

All our functional valves are produced in good materials, and the same naturally applies to the check valves. If you do not choose a good-quality non-return valve, it can become leaky over time, which means that you have to maintain the system to a greater extent than if you choose a model of good quality. The check valves are produced in stainless steel, so the valve can be used for several purposes. If the valve is to transport acids or bases, you should look for a model that is made of acid-resistant steel. This reduces the risk of corrosion in the installation.

Buy check valves from Alflow

Have you found the right check valve? Then order it at Alflow. We have over 20 years of experience with processes, components and applications in several industries. All our products are produced by recognised, trusted brands that value quality and ease of use.

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