Heat exchangers

We sell some of the market’s best heat exchangers for both sanitary and industrial applications.

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Heat exchangers

Alflow sells some of the best heat exchangers on the market for both sanitary and industrial applications. We have heat exchangers for applications within the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Explore our various heat exchangers on this page.

Heat exchangers: efficient heating and cooling

Heat exchangers are an efficient and safe way to heat or cool a product. Our heat exchangers are versatile and suitable for handling both thin liquids and liquids with higher viscosity and even liquids containing particles. Our heat exchangers are, for example, compatible with:

  • Milk and cream
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Curd
  • Butter and margarine
  • Beer and cider
  • Fruit juice and puree
  • Soft drinks
  • Sugar solutions
  • Wine
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Vegetable oil
  • Caramel and chocolate
  • Water (distilled, demineralized, WFI)
  • Jams and preserves
  • Fluid eggs
  • And more

Heat exchangers with a long-lasting solution

Do you work in the chemical industry , the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry, and do you need an efficient way to heat or cool your product? Then a heat exchanger from our selection will definitely be relevant for you. For demanding tasks, it is important that your equipment is in perfect working order. Therefore, all heat exchangers from Alflow are type-approved and produced in appropriate materials. In addition, they meet industrial requirements in relation to use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. This also means that our heat exchangers are easy to service. You can choose to have the heat exchanger delivered with the applicable certificates, which are suitable for several industries. Among other things, you can experience certificates such as:

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • And more

At Alflow we also want to deliver the best heat exchangers on the market. You can see this, among other things, in the fact that our models are extremely durable, since they are produced in the most suitable material with regard to the possible uses. If you buy heat exchangers from Alflow, you get a long-lasting solution. We have a wide selection of heat exchangers – including tube heat exchangers, scraped-surface heat exchangers and ohmic heating. We have tube heat exchangers with seamless double tubes, where the process medium and the cooling/heating medium respectively flow. They are suitable for applications where the heating medium is steam. These tube heat exchangers are compact and efficient and have no parts that require maintenance.

We also have tube heat exchangers with corrugated tubes for both sanitary and industrial applications. The tube heat exchangers consist of corrugated tubes with a small diameter mounted inside an external jacket and welded to tube plates at the ends. This solution eliminates the risk of contamination between product and service fluid. An expansion joint is fitted to the external jacket and the product to be thermally treated flows inside the tubes while the service fluid flows inside the external jacket. Our scraped-surface heat exchangers are suitable for viscous products, especially if the content has soft solid particles that may risk burn-on, as well as for products that solidify on hot or cold surfaces. Ohmic heating is heating using electrical resistance – instead of hot water and steam. The food to be heated acts as an electrical resistance and is thus heated by passing electricity through it. Electrical energy is dissipated into heat, resulting in fast, gentle and uniform heating. The method provides extremely precise temperature regulation – even with varying flow. Did you know that we also offer thorough service on heat exchangers? With a heat exchanger from our range, your processes are therefore guaranteed reliable operation and tightness in both directions – both at high and low temperatures.

Your personal and professional partner

Alflow is a recognized and serious supplier of high-quality products from recognized brands. Do you therefore need guidance or professional advice in relation to materials, qualities, flow or components? Then we are always available so that together we can find the best solution for your task. We want to be up-to-date on the latest news and developments, and that you get the right equipment for the job. That way, you are better assured of precise and competent advice every time we are in dialogue. Perhaps you need a tailor-made solution adapted to your business? Or are you missing a new product on the market that we can bring home? Together with our recognized suppliers, we work to be at the forefront of the industry. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you need help, advice or want to hear more about our products and services.

Contact us for heat exchangers and other flow products

In addition to our professional heat exchangers, we also have a wide range of other flow products for both sanitary and industrial applications. This includes valves, pumps, mixers and tank equipment in plastic, stainless steel and other variants. Here, of course, there are also high requirements for reliability and tightness. What they all have in common is to ensure long-term operation thanks to less need for maintenance and where downtime is critical. At the same time, we constantly improve our quality system and processes to ensure that we comply with all requirements and expectations from you as a customer. This not only gives you financial advantages, but also better quality in the business. As a B2B company, we at Alflow strive to be able to deliver the absolute best products within flow equipment on the market. And with more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we offer a wide range of knowledge within the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the food industry. Are you interested in hearing more about our heat exchangers or other products? Contact us via our easy contact form here. Then we will return as soon as possible and find the best match for your application.