Rubber hoses

Flexible rubber hoses that are well suited for installations with manual handling, tight bending radii and repeated movements in the different industries.

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Rubber hoses

Our rubber hoses are very flexible and are therefore well suited for installations with manual handling, tight bending radii and repeated movements in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. See the selection of hoses from leading manufacturers on this site, and transport the particular liquids in the best possible way. What are rubber hoses? We sell rubber hoses with good flexibility for a wide range of applications in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The rubber hoses are highly flexible and can withstand high temperatures for cleaning processes. They are approved for food and are available with food-grade connections. The rubber hoses are custom-made on request to individual requirements regarding length and connections, so you can be sure to get exactly the hose you need. The connections are mounted by pressing the outer sleeve radially to exact messurements. The mounting principle is specially adapted to these hoses to avoid bacteriological problems and ensure a secure connection. This concept provides the absolute best guarantee and security against traditional problems such as capillary action between the inside of the hose and the entry to the neck of the hose. Our installation principle also allows cleaning in accordance with the CIP and SIP methods. All equal standard connections are of the monoblock type, i.e. made from of one piece and they are available as e.g., SMS, DIN and TC. The hoses are also available with connections with bends or spring targets, DIN and ANSI flanges, threads, etc. Find the right rubber hose for your application The rubber hoses are suitable for sanitary processes. We have rubber hoses for use in a wide range of applications in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For example, they are compatible with: • Liquor • Wine • Beer • Juice • Fruit juice • Drinking water • Fatty and oily foods • Etc. The UNIX IIR hose is a very high-quality pressure and suction hose that is ideal for high-quality spirits, wine, juices, fruit juices and food production. However, it is not recommended for greasy food. The ATOS NBR hose is a robust pressure and suction hose for fatty and oily foods. It is also suitable for transporting beer, juice and drinking water, and is ideal as a tank hose.

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We pride ourselves on ensuring you a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this site you can find rubber hoses of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. This means that our hoses meet the requirements of the various industries in terms of use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. At Alflow, we guarantee that our rubber hoses are always made of the most suitable material in relation to the hose’s application. Therefore, the hoses are all extremely durable. That way, you can count on good performance with our hoses. All our hoses have full traceability, and you can choose to have them delivered with the current certificates, which are suitable for the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. For example, certificates such as: • FDA • 1935/2004 • 10/2011 • Etc. At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience in processes, applications and components within sectors such as the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. If, therefore, you need rubber hoses to transport liquids, you can find them at Alflow. Want to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right hose, so we work together to find the best match for your application. You can easily contact us here on the site. See our other products as well Do you or your customers need other components for your processes? Then you can explore the range of process equipment. At Alflow you can find, e.g.: • Pumps • Valves • Mixers • Tubes & fittings • Heat exchangers • Etc. Therefore, we have process equipment for several purposes, and you can find it at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries. This way, you and your customers are ensured of an efficient and optimal experience with our products. We always seek to find the match that creates most value for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater return on your production through less maintenance and downtime. If we can achieve this together, we will live up to our goal of being the partner that creates value for our customers and partners.