Safe and flexible transfer of product between two clean rooms - like this!

Do you also need to move large quantities of product from one clean room to another - perhaps even with different clean room qualifications?


Then you know that a sterile barrier is important so that qualification can be maintained.


With the AdvantaPass pass-through system from AdvantaPure, you achieve a safe and flexible transfer of your product between two clean rooms without risk of leakage, spillage and contamination.


The use of single-use components by the AdvantaPass system eliminates the validation requirements for cleaning, which otherwise involves expenses in terms of time, labour and natural resources.


AdvantaPass thus reduces the number of production stoppages otherwise required for sterilisation and validation of stainless-steel transfer systems.


With AdvantaPass, you significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination, and you save time and money on cleaning.


This will increase your productivity and efficiency in your process.


AdvantaPass is a patented system that allows aseptic transfer of liquids between the walls in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.


It is the first system of its kind to offer complete insulation between different classes of clean rooms when multiple lines of liquid are transferred through a single continuous wall portal in stainless steel.


AdvantaPass is thus a practical, safe and easy way to move large quantities of liquids from one room to another without risk of contamination or spillage.


AdvantaPass pass-through system for clean rooms is specially made to meet different wall thicknesses. It can also be adapted for transport from floor to ceiling.


As the only pass-through system of its kind, AdvantaPass handles several hose openings as well as purge ports through a single wall portal.


The pass-through system can save you a lot of money compared to other pass-through systems that involve multiple moving parts and frequent maintenance.



The AdvantaPass pass-through system from AdvantaPure has a number of advantages, including:

  • Safe, aseptic solution for transporting liquids between two clean rooms
  • Multiple transfers through the same hole - competing brands have only one port
  • Flexible design - can be used for both new and existing facilities
  • Single use products eliminate the need for cleaning between batches, saving you time and money
  • Can be manufactured as required in relation to e.g. wall thickness, size, etc.
  • Available in standard sizes up to 6" - and larger on request
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

How AdvantaPass works

AdvantaPass allows aseptic transfer of liquids between the walls in pharmaceutical processes.


This video provides a brief overview of how AdvantaPass is used between different classes of clean rooms when transferring multiple fluid lines through a single wall portal.

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Silvia Roma Bentin
Internal Technical Sales
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