Terms and Conditions

Alflow reserves the right to continually change these terms and conditions without notice to you, business partners, customers and third parties in general. Alflow also reserves the right to disclaim liability for any typographical errors that may occur. Therefore, Alflow recommends reviewing these terms and conditions regularly. The updated version of these terms and conditions can always be read by accessing Alflow's website and entering www.alflow.dk/om-alflow/vilkaar-og-betingelser.

By cooperating and negotiating with Alflow, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. In addition, the general standard conditions in NL 92 apply to deliveries of machinery and other mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment between Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as well as within these countries, and you thus agree to be bound by NL 92 and the associated terms of trade.

Description of products and services

Alflow is the exclusive distributor of flow components in plastic and stainless steel for e.g. the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Alflow supplies products as well as accessories and spare parts therefor, which are manufactured by several reputable companies within high-quality products, including, for example, pumps, valves, pipes and fittings, hoses, agitators and mixers as well as related products in plastic as well as stainless steel.

Alflow provides technical advice, service and sales related to products distributed by Alflow.

All Alflow-supplied products, accessories and spare parts thereof are subject to the standard limited product warranty provided for in NL 92 and in these terms under "Disclaimer and Liability".

Disclaimer and liability

These Terms - together with the General NL 92 Terms - describe the full extent of Alflow's obligations in connection with the distribution of the Products. In particular, Alflow has no responsibility to ensure that the products fit your specific purpose.

Neither Alflow nor any of its affiliates is responsible for any loss or damage caused by the equipment supplied to the products manufactured by the buyer or products where these products are used. Alflow is also not liable for damage to real or personal property caused by the delivered products. Furthermore, Alflow cannot be held liable for indirect losses, such as, but not limited to, loss of profits and other consequential damages.

Alflow distributes products, accessories and spare parts belonging to the industry's most recognized manufacturers. The companies among these can be seen on Alflow's list of brands on Alflow's website: www.alflow.dk/brands.
Alflow is not commercially affiliated, affiliated or sponsored, nor does it represent any of the companies included or referenced on the Website or in Alflow's product catalogs. Your ordering and delivery of products does not create any relationship between Alflow and these companies. Alflow's collaboration is based solely on distribution.

Alflow may provide links to third party websites and applications. Your use of such third party websites and / or applications is at your own risk. All references to names, brands, serial numbers, images, materials, etc. are for descriptive and informative purposes only. Alflow assumes no responsibility for the use of third party websites or for referenced information on those websites.

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including the copyright in the photographs used on Alflow's website, are owned by or duly licensed to Alflow for distribution and commercial purposes.

Copying, processing, distribution and any form of exploitation require the prior written consent of Alflow or of the respective creator or copyright holder. Downloads and copies of these pages are permitted only for private, non-commercial purposes. To the extent that the content is not created by Alflow, a similar license to third party copyright has been obtained.

"Alflow" is a trademark registered for the benefit of Alflow Scandinavia A / S in the European Union and other jurisdictions.

The trademark should not be associated with non-Alflow products or services and should not be used in any way that would reasonably confuse Alflow customers or endanger or jeopardize Alflow's reputation.

Choice of law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising out of the purchase, distribution and / or delivery of the Alflow products or the interpretation of ​These terms and conditions are subject to Danish law, except for conflicts of law.

The venue for all disputes that arise as a result of or in connection with Alflow is the Maritime and Commercial Court in Denmark.

Independence of regulations

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, this provision shall be deemed to be separate from the Terms of Distribution and shall have no effect on the other provisions that are valid or enforceable.

The unlawful, invalid or unenforceable provision is then replaced by a valid provision which, as far as possible, reflects the economic purpose and intent of the original provision.

These terms apply to all sales and distribution from Alflow Scandinavia A / S to any buyer, business partner and / or third party in general, regardless of the parties' jurisdiction.

Alflow Scandinavia A/S

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