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+25 years of experience

Since 1998, we have been the exclusive distributor of flow components in both plastics and stainless steel for the pharmaceutical & food industry, primarily in Denmark.

We are 45 committed employees who, based at our headquarters in Vejen, handle technical advice, sparring, sales, distribution and services.

Our employees all have broad experience in their respective areas, which ensures you competent and safe guidance as well as the right equipment for the task.

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We are a supplier of a wide range of reputable brands.

Our product range is comprehensive and consists of high-quality pumps, valves, hoses, stirrers and mixers, pipes and fittings, tank equipment, etc. in mainly stainless steel and plastic.

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Thorough quality and documentation control

We are constantly improving our quality system and processes to ensure that we meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Alflow is a recognized and serious supplier of high-quality products. This, among other things, because our suppliers comply with all applicable requirements from directives and standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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A reliable business partner

We strive to be the best supplier for our customers. That is why we are always looking for new products and technologies that can facilitate our customers' processes.

One of these new areas in our product portfolio is Biotech & Life science, and we want to be a front-runner and a "go to" company in the Danish market.

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Our values

At Alflow, we strive to be a value-creating and solution-oriented knowledge company that enters into respectful partnerships with both suppliers, partners and customers. You can read more about what we do to live up to this goal here.


"A more complete solution"

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