Tank equipment

We sell some of the best tank equipment on the market for any application in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

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Tank equipment

Alflow sells some of the best tank equipment on the market for both sanitary and industrial applications. We have tank equipment for every application within the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Find tank equipment on this page and get ready for several tasks.

We have tank equipment for several purposes

At Alflow, we have a large selection of tank equipment for several industries. In our range, you can experience, among other things:


Alflow sells several types of tank-bottom valves – both membrane valves, mixproof valves, seat valves and test valves – so there is plenty of opportunity to find exactly the valve type you need.

Tank-bottom valves are often displayed as drain valves at the bottom of the tank. With this, the tank can be emptied, cleaned and sterilized optimally.

We have a wide selection of mixers and agitators – including magnetically connected mixers and different types of agitators.

One of the significant advantages of magnetically coupled mixers is that they enable the overall integrity of the tank. There is no shaft that has to be passed through the tank wall, which can thus cause leakage and challenge the integrity of the tank and its contents. Our magnetically-coupled mixers are available as low-shear, medium-shear and high-shear mixers respectively.

Agitators can be used in virtually all types of tanks, and the choice of a good agitator is largely about adaptation to the individual tank and a good understanding of the tank’s use. Our agitators are available in different variants – including agitators specially designed for the chemical industry and water treatment, aseptic agitators for sanitary applications and agitators with direct drive and gear-reduced design for both open and closed applications.

Our range of tank cleaners includes rotating cleaning turbines for hygienic tank cleaning, flush-mounted cleaning nozzles for cleaning dead zones in a tank and its equipment, ATEX-approved single-jet cleaning turbines for oil, gas and similar industries, cleaning turbines for silos and tanks in industrial applications as well as bearing-free rotary spray heads driven by the cleaning medium.

With our connectors, you can easily connect to TriClamp fittings, sampling and instruments in In-Line pipe systems, tanks and other containers. Our connectors are also incorporated with a flush design, eliminating the risk of dead zones that are difficult to adequately clean and sterilize.

Our range of pressure-protection equipment includes pressure/vacuum valves to protect the tank from damage caused by overpressure or excessive vacuum, flame arresters to protect flammable liquids against external sources of ignition, as well as explosion-proof plates to protect equipment, tanks, systems and people against overpressure conditions.

In other words, at Alflow, you can find tank equipment for several needs. Whether you work in the food industry or with chemical liquids and gases, we have tank equipment for several purposes on this site.

Buy tank equipment from Alflow

When you shop at Alflow, we want you to find what you need to use. Therefore, our tank equipment can be delivered with various certificates, and these can be:

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • USP Class VI
  • ATEX
  • 1935/2004
  • EN10204-3.1
  • 10/2011
  • and more

We always deliver a comprehensive documentation package with all certificates relevant to the tank equipment and your application, so you are assured of high-quality documentation. Our tank equipment is produced in durable and approved materials, so you can get the most out of the installation.

If you are in doubt about the various certificates or which type of tank equipment you should choose, you are very welcome to contact us. Our specialists are ready to advise, so that you can order the right tank equipment.

At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with flow, components, applications and processes within the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and the chemical industry. Alflow is a recognized and professional supplier of the highest-quality products from leading brands. Buy your pumps from Alflow, and get the optimal result of your process.