Steam equipment

We sell some of the best steam equipment on the market for both sanitary and industrial applications. We have steam equipment for any application in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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Alflow sells some of the best steam equipment on the market for both sanitary and industrial applications. We have steam equipment for any application in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Find steam equipment on this site, and get ready for more work assignments. We have steam equipment for several purposes At Alflow, we have a large selection of steam equipment for several industries, suitable for applications with WFI, pure steam, gases etc. In our range you can find e.g.: • Condensate dischargers • Condensers • Sample coolers • Sanitary steam traps • Etc. Our sample cooler is designed to allow samples of steam to be taken where needed. It can be autoclaved and comes with an electropolished surface. The sample cooler is available in several variants, including a portable version that makes sampling easy. The sample cooler is also available in a version designed for environments where the cooling water supply can lead to soiling of the coil, as well as in a version intended for permanent mounting. Our simple and efficient steam separator that allows moisture to be separated away from the steam flow, after which it is led away via the lower drain. Our steam traps, made of 316L stainless steel, are intended for sanitary processes and are generally manufactured to fit ASME BPE fittings and in accordance with ASME BPE standards with their ASME BPE compatible clamp and welding connections. The steam traps are available in several variants, including a cost-effective version for clean-steam applications with either clamp body or screw body. The steam traps are also available in a version designed for applications where the pressure is constant while space is limited. This variant can be installed without restrictions as regards orientation. Our sanitary condenser has a large surface that can emit the same amount of heat as a 450 mm downpipe. The sanitary condenser has been developed especially for installations where space is limited The sanitary condenser subcools the condensate before it enters the thermostatic steam trap, which improves the drainage capacity of the steam trap and reduces heating time. The volume collection chamber with cooling fins for accumulating condensate prevents condensate from building up and thus humidifying and cooling the temperature sensor. In our range of steam equipment, we also have a thermodynamic steam trap for pure-steam applications in the biopharmaceutical and food industry. The steam trap can be mounted both horizontally and vertically and is suitable for both low-flow and high-flow. We also have sanitary steam traps that are developed for clean-steam applications in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. The unique design is particularly suitable for SIP and clean-steam drainage areas. The steam trap is designed in accordance with ASME BPE 2009 section SD 4.11.2, and its built-in bellows are very sensitive and ensure opening all the way down to <1.7 C.

The sanitary steam trap is self-draining when mounted vertically and is available in various variants, including a compact version, an ultra-capacity version and a high-flow version. In addition, we have a thermostatic steam trap that is based on the flow principle. It can discharge large amounts of condensate and steam cannot reach the condensate discharge valve during normal, clean operation. In addition, all parts can be replaced and repaired onsite. In other words, at Alflow you can find steam equipment for several needs. Whether you work in the food industry or with chemical liquids and gases, we have steam equipment for several purposes on this site. Purchase steam equipment from Alflow When you shop at Alflow, we want you to find just what you need. Therefore, our tank equipment can be delivered with various certificates, and can include: • FDA • USP Class VI • ATEX • ADIF • ASME BPE • EN10204-3.1 • etc. We always provide a comprehensive documentation pack with all certificates relevant to the steam equipment and your application, so you are assured of high-quality documentation. Our steam equipment is produced in durable and approved materials, so you can get the most out of the installation. If you are in doubt about the different certificates or what type of steam equipment you should choose, please feel free to contact us. Our specialists are ready to advise you on the right steam equipment. At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with flow, components, applications and processes within the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. Alflow is a recognised and professional supplier of products of the highest quality from leading brands. Purchase your steam equipment from Alflow and get the optimal result from your process. See our other products as well Do you or your customers need other components for your processes? Then you can explore the range of process equipment. At Alflow you can find, e.g.: • Pumps • Valves • Mixers • Tubes & fittings • Heat exchangers • Etc. Therefore, we have process equipment for several purposes, and you can find it at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries. This way, you and your customers are ensured of an efficient and optimal experience with our products. We always seek to find the most value-creating match for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater return on your production through less maintenance and downtime. If we can achieve this together, we will live up to our goal of being your value-creating partner.