Spare parts

We sell some of the market’s best spare parts for both sanitary and industrial applications. We have spare parts for a large selection of products and applications.

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Spare parts

Alflow sells a wide selection of spare parts to the pharmaceutical, chemical, process and food industries. See the selection of spare parts from leading manufacturers on this page.

What are spare parts?

Spare parts are used, among other things, for sealing and assembling both fixed and moving parts in process systems, for example in pumps and valves. Our spare parts offer the highest standards for surface quality, durability and cleanliness, whether for the pharmaceutical, chemical, process or food industries.

Find the right spare parts for your application

Our spare parts are suitable for a wide range of pharmaceutical processes -, chemical -, process and food industries. The range includes spare parts in e.g. PTFE, EPDM, BUNA, FKM, Viton and silicone – for instance:

  • Service kits for the most used OEM products
  • Gaskets and O-rings
  • Screen gaskets
  • Clamps
  • And more

Alflow stocks a wide range of service kits, replacement components and complete repair kits for a full range of valves and pumps from major OEM suppliers. Our service kits are produced based on our own drawings and are delivered with easy and comprehensible packaging with the use of an original number. With our service kits, you are guaranteed one supplier for many different products. We have a complete warehouse in Vejen with day-to-day delivery, and we can offer the lowest price on the market. Alflow also sells a wide selection of gaskets and O-rings in various materials and designs for the pharmaceutical, chemical, process and food industries – including Triclamp gaskets, O-rings, Orifice plates, Snap-on gaskets, and more in among others NBR, EPDM, SIL, FKM, TUF-steel, platinum-hardened silicone and PTFE. Our screen gaskets and sock-screen gaskets are available in different materials, sizes and designs and with different filter sizes for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. Screen gaskets consist of two parts – an elastomer gasket and a steel filter. The elastomer gasket that fits in Triclamp gaskets sits together with a stainless-steel filter that forms the inner part of the gasket. The material for the sealing gasket can be made of, for example, BUNA, FKA, EPDM and Silicone. The filter in screen gaskets is intended to collect particles and filter them from the medium. Sock-screen gaskets are intended for applications where holding a large capacity of waste particles is required. Alflow also sells a wide selection of clamps for the pharmaceutical, single-use and food industries, including tube clamps, clamp rings and clamp ferrules. They are suitable for, among other things, easy and safe attachment of sanitary fittings to back ports and filters and to shut off the flow. Different applications and media require their own special connections. Therefore, we offer the ideal connection for every type of application. Our clamps in stainless steel are available with, among other things, threads or hose connections/tank bushings and as clamps with a wing or hexagon screw.

Our stainless-steel clamps are available in a number of different grades, such as Safetron, Weldtron and BPE-direct, where the inner surface is ground down to Ra ≤ 0.4 µm, Ra ≤ 0.8 µm and Ra ≤ 0.51 respectively µm SF1. It is also possible to choose anodic cleaning or electropolishing (Ra ≤ 0.25 µm). Our single-use clamps have a pioneering clamp design that simplifies the assembly process. They are manufactured in glass-reinforced nylon and are designed for use with TPE and silicone hoses.

Buy spare parts from Alflow

We value that you have a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this page you can find spare parts of the highest quality from recognized manufacturers. This means that our spare parts meet the requirements of the various industries in relation to use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. This includes all our spare parts being type-approved and produced in appropriate materials, such as PTFE, EPDM, BUNA, FKM, Viton and silicone. That is why all our spare parts are extremely durable. In this way, you can count on a good process with our spare parts. Our spare parts can be supplied with full documentation, and there is full traceability with batch numbers on all packages. Among other things, you can experience certificates such as:

  • FDA
  • USP Class VI
  • 1935/2004
  • EN10204-3.1
  • and many more

At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with processes, applications and components within industries such as food, dairy, pharmacy, and chemical industry. If you therefore need spare parts for your process systems, you can find them at Alflow. Would you like to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right spare parts, so that we can work together to find the best match for your application. You can easily contact us here on the page.

Take a look at our other products as well

Do you or your customers need other components for your processes? Then you can explore the selection of process equipment. At Alflow you can find, among other things:

So we have process equipment for a myriad of purposes, and you can find that at Alflow. We are a recognized supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with the applicable requirements and standards within several industries. In this way, you and your customers get an efficient and optimal experience with our products. We always seek to find the most value-creating match for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater yield in your production through less maintenance and less downtime. If we can jointly achieve this, we will live up to our goal of being your value-creating partner.