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Hyghspin Twin-Screw Pump

High-performance and hygienic double screw pump for sanitary tasks, which at the same time ensures a gentle treatment of the product. Whether the medium is aqueous, very viscous, lumpy, fibrous, corrosive or gaseous - Hyghspin is suitable for all types of media with virtually any consistency.
  • Contact-free pump, no abrasion particles in the medium
  • Easy CIP operation, up to 90°C, the pump need not be heated up before
  • Made in block design - this means that the pump takes up less space and never needs to be aligned
  • Easily accessible adjustment of the pump screws via inspection opening
  • Low inertia torque on the screws means that the pump can handle both product and CIP
  • Product and CIP in one and the same pump - no need for a separate CIP pump
Product Number:JUNG_HYGHSPIN

From design to production and implementation, you can rely on Jung Process Systems, which is an experienced partner of ours - with worldwide support.

Jung Process Systems is a second-generation family-run company with more than 100 employees and more than 45 years of experience in stainless steel processing.
Max pressure
50 bar
Max capacity
300 m³/h
0.5 - 1,000,000 cP
DN25 - DN150
Surface roughness
Ra < 0.8 µm


This twin-screw pump can be delivered with a documentation package that, among other things, contains the following certificates.

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Variant Description Datasheet
Hopper The effective solution for non-liquid media. Mounted with a funnel just above the screws, which makes the screws catch even the most cumbersome product.
Double-Flow Specially made with double inlet and single outlet, which gives the option of running very high pressures.

Do you need help finding the right variant?

The Hyghspin twin-screw pump is available in several different variants and sizes. Feel free to contact us for help in choosing the right pump.
Philip Ellegaard Andersen
Area Sales Manager Food & Beverage
Martin Kjældgaard Pedersen
Product Manager
Jørgen Q. Tran
Internal Technical Sales


Here you can see how the Hyghspin screw pump works and get an overview of its advantages and disadvantages.

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