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Supplier of flow products to the food industry


At Alflow Scandinavia A/S, we carry a large selection of products for the food industry, and our customers include dairies, breweries, juice producers, conserves and jam producers and many more.

Our employees have extensive experience with products for the food industry, ensuring that you receive competent and safe guidance as well as the right equipment for the job.

Components used in the food industry must be thoroughly sanitised. Alflow can supply products that fully meet even the most stringent safety and purity requirements.

In a competitive industry, it is important that there is complete quality assurance. Regardless of whether or not the price is a critical factor, the products must be completely in order.

At Alflow, we don’t compromise! We want to compete, but not at the expense of quality and food safety.

Thorough quality and documentation control

In recent years, the industry has experienced greater demands for documentation. Of course, we have long been aware of this. That is why - together with our suppliers - we are constantly working to be at the forefront so that we can advise our customers in the best possible way.

We are constantly improving our quality system and processes in order to ensure that we meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers. We can supply products that fully meet even the most stringent safety and purity requirements, including 1935/2004, EHEDG, FDA, 3A, etc.

Alflow has a strong base in the pharmaceutical industry, where we meet the industry's stringent requirements on production in relation to the laws and regulations of European and US authorities. That is why, at Alflow, you are guaranteed the best possible documentation and advice. The result is that consumer safety is in order - every time!


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Jens Christian Jeppe