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2D bag cabinets

Plastic cabinet for unlimited and safe storage of 2D bags. Often used in conjunction with our 2D bag trays, which are designed to place the bags at a drainable angle. The number and size of trays and cupboards can be modified as required.
  • Compatible with all types of 2D bioprocess bags
  • No cleaning required and verified by fit-to-fill, which means optimal production uptime
  • Can be customized to your specific requirements
  • Lightweight design for easy handling and reduced shipping costs
  • Stackable and foldable for space and cost optimization
Product Number:ALLPAQ_2DBC

Innovative bioprocess containers and laboratory accessories to help you prepare, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and fluids.

From their main office and product development center in England, ALLpaQ operates in markets around the world, including Europe, Scandinavia, the USA and Southeast Asia. They also have production facilities in Ireland and America.


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