Sight glass

We are capable of delivering some of the market’s best sight glasses in stainless steel for your sanitary applications and processes.

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Sight glass

Experience some of the market’s best stainless-steel sight glass at Alflow. We offer various sight glass from the company Staitech, which are particularly suitable for sanitary applications. If you have requests for documentation or the way in which the sight glass is to be delivered, we can also fulfill this. With Alflow, you are thus guaranteed a wide range of the highest quality.

What is a sight glass?

A sight glass can consist of a plastic or glass pipe connected to a pipe system or to a tank by means of a flange, thread or welding connection. The liquid level in a sight glass will be the same as the level in the pipe system or tank.

Why use sight glass?

Imagine that you would like to observe some equipment or liquid in a container. Unfortunately, you can’t access or see it unless the contents come out of the container. This is where sight glasses come into play. With the transparent glass – also known as sight glass or inspection glass – you can inspect and monitor a process from the outside.

This means that you can, for example, examine gases, quantity, temperature, color or whether the process is going as desired, at the same time as the product remains safely inside a closed container.

In this way, you can separate instruments and measuring devices from the industrial processes. Perhaps, for example, you would like to investigate whether there are particles, a liquid flow or a specific color in the liquid? You can then use the sight glass to look directly in from the outside.

This method is particularly practical in industries within food, medicine, offshore, marine and transport. Be aware, however, that high pressure has an influence on which temperatures the glass can withstand. For example, steam under pressure is a very aggressive process towards ordinary glass. Here you must take special precautions.

Do you have any doubts? You are welcome to get test and service of your flow components from us.

Find threaded sight glass with high security

You can be completely safe when you use our sight glass. In general, glass is resistant to most chemicals. In addition, our sight glass is pressure-proof up to 10 bar and comes in different thicknesses. This allows you to use the sight glass for many different possibilities when you want to see or investigate the condition of the flowing medium.

In our selection, we offer some of the best stainless-steel sight glass that are compatible with ASME BPE fittings, unless you have other wishes. The material itself will normally be the same as the rest of the pipe system or the tank on which the sight glass is mounted. In our range, you will find, among other things:

  • Sight glass for mounting with tri-clamp fittings
  • In-line variant with “through vision”
  • In-line variant with reinforced construction that allows twisting in the pipe system
  • In-line variant with 360 degree full visibility
  • In-line variant with 360 degree visibility, produced with DIN or ANSI flange connections

At the same time, we ensure that the glass avoids getting dirty quickly or causing condensation, so that you are instead guaranteed clean and dry glass with clear visibility. See the rest of our large selection within products and components for your particular industry.

We adapt according to your wishes

At Alflow, we supply sight glass with various connection options so that they suit your particular application. Thanks to stainless steel and a low surface roughness, you can get sight glass with, among other things:

  • Up to 10 bar pressure
  • Sizes from DN15–DN100
  • Surface roughness down to Ra <0.5 µm
  • Impact-resistant and safe glass
  • Possibility of background lighting
  • Easy maintenance without special tools

There are many advantages and possibilities for our sight glass for your specific task. A sight glass can, for example, be mounted on a pipe system or on a tank, which gives the glass the same design as a porthole. It is without internal components, where you can only see if liquid is present and if there is flow.

If you also want to see how fast the liquid flows through the sight glass, then you can build an impeller that rotates. Another option is as an upright and transparent tube in glass or plastic. Here, a cone inside the tube will show how high, for example, a liquid level is – either as precise markings on the glass or in the form of a 4-20 mA signal.

When it comes to level measurement, you can also read flow rates with a sight glass.

Get full documentation for your sight glass

Since 1998, we at Alflow have specialized in being an exclusive supplier of flow components in both plastics and stainless steel to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as the food industry in primarily Denmark. This means that our team today consists of specialists in each of their areas – including sight glasses with and without thread.

All areas often require full documentation for the products, so that you as a customer can reduce paperwork. Therefore, we are experienced in providing the necessary documentation based on your requirements. When it comes to sight glass, we offer documentation packages including:

    • EN10204-3.1
    • FDA
    • USP Class VI
    • ASME BPE

Are you left with questions, or do you need advice on materials, qualities, flow or components? Then we will work with you to find the best match for your application. Contact us, if you need help, guidance or want to hear more about our many products and services.