ALLpaQ designs and manufactures bioprocess containers for the storage and transport of single-use bags.

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About ALLpaQ

ALLpaQ empowers scientists around the world to solve complex everyday challenges. They design innovative pharmaceutical solutions to help you manufacture, store, ship and protect valuable media, buffers and bioprocess fluids. ALLpaQ's Genesis series features an innovative stackable and collapsible design, saving valuable space in storage and shipping. The range has since been expanded to optimize all aspects of upstream and downstream bioprocessing to drive operational and cost benefits. The customers' research and drug development process is unique - from invention, development, clinical testing to manufacturing. That is why ALLpaQ provides the customization customers need to optimize their supply chain in the process from clinical development stages to commercial scale. The product portfolio includes, among others:
  • Plastic shipping containers
  • Clean-room containers< /li>
  • Stainless-steel containers
  • Various accessories, such as roller trolleys, spool trolleys and document holders
In addition, they can manufacture tailor-made containers and accessories according to your needs and specifications.
It is ALLpaQ's mission to increase your productivity in the process. Unlike many plastic bag providers in the industry, ALLpaQ takes great pride in providing customers with a complete in-house service. Products are designed by their own engineering/CAD team, manufactured by their own plastic-welding specialists and delivered by their experienced sales team in collaboration with Alflow. This ensures a seamless process from conceptualization to delivery. RANGE The world's largest range of shipping and cleanroom containers. COMPATIBILITY Compatible with all types of 2D and 3D bioprocessing bags. STORAGE Stackable, collapsible, foldable to save space and money. DOUBLE PALLET BASE Unique base with two pallets, one for forklift, another for bag tubes. HYGIENE Smooth side inside and outside for extra hygiene benefits. ALL IN-HOUSE Design, manufacture, delivery and implementation. Alflow sells a large selection of bioprocess containers and accessories from ALLpaQ. Contact us to hear more.