Dockweiler is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel pipe systems for the transport of pure liquids and gases in, among other things, the semiconductor industry, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

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About Dockweiler

Dockweiler has 45 years of experience in pipes and fittings with specific surfaces for clean applications. The core business is the development of installation solutions for handling liquid and gaseous media in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, analytical and fine chemical industries. Their portfolio includes pipes, fittings, ball valves, hoses and complex components that can be made to order from design. Thanks to the company's manufacturing expertise, they find solutions that are economical and offer high process reliability. Consulting and services are their key competencies, because customers see them as an engineering partner. Their specialists have extensive knowledge of all specifications and competently advise on choosing the right products. Their engineers plan and develop custom components with customers and see it through to implementation.
The company employs over 660 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, Israel, Japan and Thailand as well as representations in over 50 countries worldwide. Products used in the semiconductor industry must be manufactured in a high-purity environment. Contamination with foreign particles or residues must be avoided. Such conditions only exist in a clean room. That is why Dockweiler's products are manufactured, assembled, tested and packaged for high-purity processes in clean rooms. Dockweiler are pioneers in orbital welding with over 20 years of experience. They use the IO welding technology (3D inside-out welding) developed in-house to open the door to innovative production concepts. This internal 3D orbital welding technology is ideal for complex geometries and innovative components. Alflow sells a large selection of Dockweiler products - Contact us and hear more.