Since 1981, Dominator Pump has produced compressed-air-driven diaphragm pumps for, among other things, the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and is today the market leader in Sweden.

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Dominator Pump has unique experience and expertise in diaphragm pumps from 40 years as a manufacturer of quality pumps. Dominator Pump is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001. The company's ambition has always been to offer the industrial segment high-quality products with fast deliveries and high support. today their pumps are found all over the world in various industries, for example the food, pharmaceutical and engineering industries as well as other chemical industries. Dominator has been the representative of Versa-Matic Pump Inc. in the USA since 1990, producing high-quality pneumatic diaphragm pumps. With Versa-Matics pumps in their range, they have one of the most complete programs on the market. From December 2009, Dominator Pump AB became a subsidiary of Colly Flowtech, and since August 2019, Dominator Pump has been incorporated into Colly Flowtech.
The company has an extended stock of pumps and spare parts in Jönköping plus 40 years of application knowledge and experience. They have a wide selection of pumps for demanding applications and are a custom manufacturer that delivers added value – including fast deliveries of pumps and spare parts as well as extended documentation for hygienic and industrial applications. The company focuses on the customer's real needs and added value, and they work to improve the quality in relation to both their products, delivery, implementation and follow-up. Dominator Pump has the most complete range of diaphragm pumps on the market, and Alflow sells a large selection of Dominator products - Contact us and find out more.