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Jung Process Systems are specialists in hygienic stainless-steel twin-screw pumps for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

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About Jung Process Systems

Their in-depth know-how combined with more than 40 years of experience in stainless-steel processing has resulted in excellent quality, optimal design and innovative pump technology. All designs are based on the principles of hygienic design and therefore meet the quality requirements for use in the food industry as well as in beverage, cosmetic, biopharmaceutical and chemical industries.Jung Process Systems started supplying parts to the food and beverage industry back in 1972 and since 2009 has been a premium manufacturer of stainless-steel twin-screw pumps.They offer excellent quality as well as wide-ranging competencies in pump technology. The company manufactures twin-screw pumps for all requirements and sectors and offers comprehensive worldwide support. All pumps in the HYGHSPIN series are extremely compact, space-saving and easy to maintain. They offer easy accessibility with minimal downtime for maintenance work (optimal MTTR). All models are based on hygienic design and therefore meet the required quality standards for use in the food, beverage, cosmetic, bio-pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The company's in-house production facilities offer logistical flexibility with reduced delivery times and a quality-management system certified to ISO 9001:2015. The twin-screw pump from the HYGHSPIN series is the perfect solution for many applications. Innovative design and construction, hygienic design, high efficiency, optimal MTTR ratio and much more make HYGHSPIN the perfect solution. The HYGHSPIN pump series from Jung Process Systems is made of high quality stainless steel. They have proven their worth worldwide and can be used for almost all flowable products of any viscosity and consistency – whether aqueous, highly viscous, lumpy, fibrous or gas-filled. The twin-screw pump is particularly service-friendly, maintenance-free and has a space-saving design. It impresses with its exceptional flexibility, gentle product handling, low pulsation and high suction capacity. Due to the unique design principle, an additional pump is not required for CIP cleaning, which contributes to significant time and cost savings. The entire design and construction is also based on the principles of hygienic design and thereby meets the highest quality requirements for various industries. EHEDG and 3A certificates are also available. HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps from Jung Process Systems have a number of features and benefits:
  • Unique flexibility for different media and applications
  • Gentle and low pulsation and excellent suction power
  • Highest possible level of hygiene and the best cleaning performance without an additional CIP system
  • Excellent reliability by using a bypass-free system layout
  • High wear resistance without wear on the product
  • Corrosion-free components and service-friendly design
  • Space-saving, reliable and hygienic block construction
HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps are found in many different industries and are synonymous with the best possible results:
  • Food production (Dairy industry, food, ketchup, sauces, confectionery and baby food)
  • Beverage production (Fruit juice, syrup, concentrates and brewery products)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (Raw materials, cell solutions, glucose, glycerol and blood plasma)
  • Cosmetics industry (Creams, pastes, lotions and shampoos)
  • Chemical industry (Glues, paints, coatings, plastics and detergents)
HYGHSPIN twin-screw pumps are also found in many other industries where materials with different viscosity levels must be handled. Overview of the benefits:
  • Maximum flexibility – Wide range of products, viscosities and volumes can be handled with just one pump
  • Gentle and consistent product handling – Low speed, minimal pulsation and no waves
  • Outstanding quality – Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Outstanding serviceability – The pump does not need to be removed from the system for maintenance work
  • Significant cost savings – Reduced investment and maintenance costs
  • Maximum hygiene levels – No voids and extremely good cleaning of the shaft seal; wetted components are made of solid material, therefore there is no risk of molding defects
  • CIP and SIP – Cleaning and sterilization in-place; can be used as a CIP pump
Twin-screw pumps have clear advantages over other pumps such as centrifugal, rotary lobe pumps or gear pumps. They are superior with their excellent flexibility and ultra-low pulsation and thus gentle product handling. HYGHSPIN is available in all sizes as a block design and in sizes 70, 90 and 125 with bare shaft. The differential pressure is up to 35 bar for single-flow units and up to 50 bar for double-flow units. In addition to the general advantages of the HYGHSPIN range, the HYGHSPIN Hopper also provides:
  • Self-feeding extruder function – The product falls by gravity down into the pump chambers and fed reliably into the pump.
  • Gentle product delivery – Sensitive products, such as cooked cherries, gently sink into the pump chambers from above. There is no risk of damage with a rotating inlet.
  • Improved safety against cavitation – The extended feed screws overcome inlet losses in the chambers. HYGHSPIN Hopper is therefore particularly suitable for critical installations, such as deaeration devices, evaporators or cooking units.
HYGHSPIN Hopper can be integrated into existing systems by adapting it to pipe connections. Jung Process Systems is focused on the client. Their solutions are adapted and selected for the task. But these solutions are based on standard parts from a buffer stock, and therefore it is possible for them to supply customized solutions, but with standard delivery times. Jung Process Systems concentrates their activities on hygienic twin-screw pumps. Their range is limited, but what they do is good and fast. The HYGHSPIN pump starts where a standard pump isn't enough. If you need e.g. high flexibility, first-class hygienic properties, low NPSH or gentle product delivery, we are the ones to contact. Alflow sells a large selection of Jung products. Contact us and find out more.