Nordson Medical

Nordson Medical manufactures high-quality single-use, bioprocessing fittings and clamps.

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Nordson Medical

About Nordson Medical

Nordson Medical's broad program makes it easy for our customers to get many components and fittings from one place. Nordson Medical is represented globally and specializes in the design and development of complex plastic products for the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Their flexible approach in production and their broad experience create value for projects and solve our customers' tasks. Nordson MEDICAL is part of Nordson Corporation, which is one of the world's leading manufacturers of precise consumer, industrial and medical products, production equipment, component technologies and technology-based systems for a wide range of applications. Nordson MEDICAL has existed for more than 50 years. Since the first Nordson MEDICAL facility opened in 1968, they have strategically built their capability portfolio to offer customers a complete solution to their medical-device development needs. The range is broad and includes components for fluid management, catheters and cannulas, shrink tubing, medical tubing, medical balloons, biomaterial delivery units and Nitinol components. Nordson MEDICAL stands out from the competition by offering:
  • Design & Development - Nordson MEDICAL offers comprehensive product development and engineering from concept to commercialization.
  • Components and technologies - Their industry-leading technology serves interventional, surgical and specialty markets.
  • Turnkey device solutions - They provide manufacturing and assembly in full service and utilizes integrated engineering and component technologies.
Nordson MEDICAL strives to deliver value in the form of quality, innovation and service throughout the entire product life cycle. They want to be a global integrated solution partner for the design, construction and manufacture of complex medical devices and components by collaborating with companies as an engine of innovation for the components and devices that save and improve lives. Nordson MEDICAL enables customer success through superior products and services that stand out through leading innovation, quality, reliability and responsiveness. As a total supplier, they enable their customers to save costs, achieve a faster time-to-market and simplify the administration of the supply chain. Nordson MEDICAL collaborates with customers on their projects throughout the entire product life cycle, from concept to launch. With their flexible business model, they can deliver a solution that meets the scope of any project to bring innovative ideas to life. Alflow sells a wide range of products from Nordson Medical. Contact us and find out more.