Quattroflow develops and manufactures single-use diaphragm pumps for critical applications in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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Founded in the year 2000, Quattroflow was purchased by PSG, a Dover company, in 2011 and moved into the Almatec production facility in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. In 2018, Quattroflow and Almatec moved to a new company headquarters in Duisburg, Germany, which gave the two growing companies approx. 70% more space, including a much larger production facility and an advanced ISO Class 7 cleanroom. Quattroflow's quaternary diaphragm pumps are truly unique in that their operating method mimics the human heart, which is the perfect model for safe, reliable and efficient transfer of biological materials. The four-piston design does not include a mechanical shaft seal or wetted rotating parts, ensuring total product containment without wear. In addition, the four-piston pump principle enables risk-free dry running, low pulsation, self-priming function and minimal particle generation. Quattroflow pumps are available with reusable pump chambers in stainless steel that can be cleaned, or disposable pump chambers for single-use use. Quattroflow's single-use pumps are equipped with a product-moistened plastic pump chamber that can be replaced as a complete unit for single use. This simple design feature creates a faster production process while saving time and money by eliminating the need for complex sterilization and cleaning validation.
Quattroflow disposable pumps also deliver the required levels of product purity and sterility required by these applications, eliminating the chance of product damage and reducing the likelihood of costly cross-batch or cross-product contamination. In addition, disposable pumps reduce downtime between batches and are fast and easy to change. A disposable pump chamber can be changed in less than a minute, and their simple design requires only one tool. Using the EZ-Set replacement system, the pump chamber can be replaced manually. The simple disposal of the pump chamber saves time and money by reducing downtime for cleaning, sterilization and complex cleaning validation. With an operation that offers low friction, low displacement and low pulsation, Quattroflow pumps are ideal for critical applications in biopharma manufacturing, including Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), Chromatography (RFC), Centrifuge Feed, Sterile Virus Filtration, Purification and Inline Dilution. Suitable for CIP/SIP, the pumps increase flexibility, reduce downtime, eliminate cleaning validation costs and cross-contamination risks. Application of Quattroflow single-use pumps provides a faster production process that simultaneously meets the required levels of product purity and sterility without damage to the product and no risk of cross-contamination.