Staitech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-purity components for the pharmaceutical industry.

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They offer a wide range of piping components – including sight glasses, water dischargers, sample coolers, check valves, sample valves and fittings – for use in high-purity processes for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.The company, located in Gloucestershire, UK, was founded in 1997 by Andrew Ferguson. Here, 24 years later, the company can boast a modern production facility where precision machining, fabrication, electropolishing and assembly are carried out. Initially, Staitech only designed and made a limited range of products, but now the company can offer water dischargers, test coolers, non-return valves, sight glasses, test valves and a comprehensive range of fittings for customers worldwide. Staitech can also offer a machining service for special parts or corrosion resistant materials such as C22 alloy.
In addition to the products designed and manufactured by Staitech, the company has built strong relationships with distributors and supplier partners - such as Alflow - throughout Europe. The company has a modern production facility where processing, fabrication, electropolishing and assembly are carried out. In the future, Staitech will continue to develop and expand its large product range, increase production to meet the growing demand and move into a brand new, modern building of 10,000m2 with factory and office. Alflow sells a large selection of products from Staitech – among other things water dispensers, sample coolers and check valves. Contact us and find out more.