Vinco Valves

Vinco Valves produces sanitary ball valves for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

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Vinco Valves manufactures ball valves mainly for the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, marine, pulp and paper, food and beverage and cosmetic industries. The product range includes ball valves in various variants – both two-way, three-port, multi-port, and more. The company was established in 1990 and quickly took its activities to the external market in cooperation with several business partners around the world. Focus on technological development and strengthening the company's know-how has made it possible for Vinco to expand into new markets. The company is recognized for its ability to develop solutions that meet market requirements. As a consequence, in recent years they have developed a number of products for oil & gas, sanitary, chemical and cryogenic industries. Their customers work in capital-intensive industries and operate in extreme environments and trust the company to deliver reliable and safe products with the highest quality standards. This has been the company's commitment for the past 30 years. The company's path speaks for its constant development, growth and dedication to seeking new and innovative products and services. Vinco Valves is located in V.N Famalicão in Portugal and has modern facilities spread over 4,200m2, where the production of the company's valves is carried out. Vinco Valves are responsible for the design, development, assembly and testing under the highest quality standards for all their products.
Vinco Valves develops ball valves for demanding industrial areas through their continuous investment in R&D, qualifications in human resources, improvement of organizational efficiency and modern technologies. It is also their ambition to offer Business-to-Business customers an excellent service with a personal relationship and an excellent responsiveness in terms of delivered solutions and availability. It is their mission to be a reference for excellence in industrial valves, always aiming to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement of the company's skills and offering solutions that stand out for their high quality, safety and reliability of products and presentation of top quality integrated services. The quality-management system used by Vinco Valves is based on their normative principles. That is why the company's policy of meeting the needs of its customers meets their requirements and exceeds their natural expectations whenever possible. It is the company's goal to develop, produce and supply high-quality products with applications in industrial units that can supply value to their customers. In order to ensure the quality and competitiveness of the products, the company's goal is to create a balanced relationship between their organization, suppliers, business partners, customers and other stakeholders. Alflow sells a large selection of Vinco Valves - Contact us and find out more.