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PK Chemicals A/S

In this case, you get an insight into how Alflow, through ongoing meetings, close dialogue and sparring with the customer, achieves a clear understanding of the task, the desired documentation and the importance and significance of the components to help the customer in the best possible way.

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Case information
Client pK Chemicals A/S
Industry Pharma
Customer since 2010
Country Denmark

pK Chemicals A/S


pK Chemicals A/S (colloquially known as PKC, red.) was facing an expansion of its production facilities in Hårlev. For production, it was important to assemble and select flow and process components with the right documentation to ensure production uptime, operational reliability and minimal maintenance.


Alflow was in close dialogue with PKC and from the start set up a dedicated project group for the project. Through ongoing meetings, close dialogue and sparring, we gained a clear understanding of the task, the desired documentation and the importance and significance of the components to ensure PKC's production.
Alflow was able to put together and offer a complete package to PKC on flow components that made the project and procurement phase easier, saving PKC time and resources.

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“With the prospect of being able to have a total contract of high-quality components for most of the key operations at our new process plant, it wasn’t difficult to choose Alflow as a supplier. Advice and collaboration were impeccable, and the accompanying documentation easily accessible, which was a contributing factor to the project's success.”

Rene Qvortrup
Technical Manager
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