Diaphragm pumps

Sanitary, industrial and single-use diaphragm pumps for a large number of applications.

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Diaphragm pump

Alflow offers a wide range of sanitary, industrial and single-use diaphragm pumps for a large number of applications. We have pumps that have a high chemical resistance, are suitable for aggressive media, can withstand dry running and are easy to maintain.

The pumps are produced in durable materials that help to ensure an efficient experience. See the selection of diaphragm pumps from leading manufacturers on this site, and transport the particular liquids in the best way.

What is a diaphragm pump?

Diaphragm pumps are widely used due to their versatility. They have good self-priming properties, are suitable for ATEX applications, and they handle low-viscosity liquids, high-viscosity liquids and liquids with particles. Diaphragm pumps are available in several different variants, materials and sizes. They are available in aluminium, stainless steel, acid-proof steel, PP and PVDF.

Find the right diaphragm pump for your process

A diaphragm pump can of course be used for several different purposes. We have mentioned below, some of the places where you can use a diaphragm pump:

  • Food production
  • Beverage production
  • Chemical production
  • Pharmaceutical manufacture
  • Dosing
  • Dispensing
  • Movement and transport of liquids with varying viscosity and with/without particles

Our air-driven diaphragm pumps are available in both plastic and metal for a wide range of applications.

We have, e,g., diaphragm pumps with a centre block in plastic. These pumps are well suited for powerful acids and aggressive media.

Diaphragm pumps are also available with a closed fusion diaphragm that provides higher safety against leakage into the pump, and some of the pumps are designed for CIP.

Liquids for diaphragm pumps

The diaphragm pump is versatile and designed to handle both low-viscosity and high-viscosity products. For example, it is compatible with:

  • Abrasive liquids
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Ceramics
  • Powder
  • Solvents
  • Liquids with particles
  • Etc.

How to operate a diaphragm pump

Depending on the medium to be pumped, different membrane materials can be chosen – for example PTFE, Nitrile, EPDM and Viton.

Diaphragm pumps are designed with few moving parts, which contributes to high operational reliability, long service life and easy maintenance.

Some of the diaphragm pumps are also equipped with wing screws that ensure easy and quick separation.

Our compressed air-driven diaphragm pumps are powered by compressed air, which helps to extend the life of the pumps. The pumps are self-priming, which means that they can withstand running dry and pumping up against a closed valve. The pumps can also be controlled and regulated in relation to the airflow and the air pressure by means of simple equipment.

Our diaphragm pump from Quattroflow is unique in the way it pumps liquids, providing a safe, reliable and efficient transfer of biological materials. The low friction, low displacement and low pulsation and a corresponding minimal temperature increase of the medium, makes the pump ideal for critical applications within biopharmaceutical production.

The pump can be installed with a replaceable single-use pump chamber that enables the pump and production to make quick conversions and meet fast speed to market demand.

Purchase diaphragm pumps from Alflow

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you get a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this page you can find diaphragm pumps of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. This means that our diaphragm pumps live up to the requirements of different industries. That way, you can count on a good system with our diaphragm pump.

You can choose to have the pump delivered with the current certificates, which are suitable for several industries. Our diaphragm pumps can be delivered with, e.g.:

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • ATEX
  • USP Class VI
  • Etc.

At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with processes, applications and components in industries such as the food industry and the chemical industry. If you therefore need a pump to transport water or chemical liquids, you can find it at Alflow. Want to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right diaphragm pump, so that we work together to find the best match for your application. You can easily contact us here on the site.

See also our other pumps

Do you or your customers need a pump for another job? Then you can explore the range of pumps. At Alflow you can find, e.g.:

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So we have pumps for several purposes, and you can find them at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries.

In this way, you and your customers get an efficient and optimal experience with our products.

We always seek to find the most value-creating match for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater return on your production through less maintenance and downtime. If we can achieve this together, we will live up to our goal of being your value-creating partner.