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Bardiani Valvole designs and manufactures high-quality valves for sanitary applications.

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About Bardiani Valvole

The product range includes seat valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, mixproof valves and much more. Bardiani Valvole's birthplace, Fornovo Taro, has always meant a lot to the company: it is an important crossroad in Italy's Food Valley, leading to the Mediterranean ports. The company was founded in 1981 by Emilio Bardiani - who is the father of Emanuela Bardiani, CEO, and Luca Bardiani, the company's chairman and CEO – to make valves for some of the most important food producing companies in the area. It is the quality of their solutions and services that has made it possible for Bardiani Valvole to reach customers operating in the same sector all over the world, as well as to manufacture quality valves for other sectors. The company's commitment to such delicate sectors as, among others, the food sector and the pharmaceutical industry has enabled them to develop a deep understanding of the respect necessary for product integrity. A commitment that can be seen in the production of valves for the specific areas of use and applications. The combination of technology, product customization and craftsmanship in the finishing process makes Bardiani Valvole an extraordinary supplier with their flexibility and ability to meet customers' wishes. The quality of Bardiani valves lies primarily in the choice of the materials used: top quality AISI316L stainless steel. The construction of valves from solid bar steel and the absence of welds means maximum resistance and durability and ensures that the high quality of the final product is guaranteed.
The surface finish of the parts touched by the product (less than 0.8 μm) guarantees compliance with the strictest hygiene standards. Bardiani valves have obtained a number of important and significant certifications: EHEDG certification, 3A certification, Atex certification, CRN (Canadian Registration Number) certification and PMO certification. What is unique about Bardiani is the combination of flexibility and the dialogue with customers in the design of tailor-made solutions.
  • High quality raw materials
  • Excellent hygiene <0.8 μm surface finish on product touched parts.
  • Greater resistance; fully cast valve body without welds.
  • Maximum efficiency; optimization of flow passages and minimization of friction losses.
  • Easy installation and smart solutions
  • High level of customization; in addition to standard models, Bardiani Valvole offers the possibility to design special valves.
Thanks to Bardiani Valvole's passion, high degree of specialization and the seriousness of their partners' work, they offer top-quality valves accompanied by a flexible and reliable service with constant attention to their customers and their needs. They make integrity and seriousness the cornerstones of their actions and relationships. Bardiani Valvole means: "Quality, passion, seriousness and precision". Bardiani Valvole offers full traceability on all materials and supplies the necessary certificates for all products. Alflow sells a large selection of Bardiani - Contact us and find out more.