Bardiani Valvole

BBZQ High-pressure valve

A sanitary high-pressure single-seat valve for controlling process systems. The valve is of modern and compact design. It is machined from solid bar steel and always in stainless steel quality.
  • Designed to the strictest hygiene requirements
  • Easy maintenance without special tools
  • IP67 topunit
Product Number:BARDIANI_BBZQ

As a user of Bardiani Valvole's valves, you will encounter a flexible approach to your needs for sanitary solutions, access to many different stainless alloys and specially adapted designs.

Bardiani Valvole has been producing valves since 1981 and is run by siblings Emanuela and Luca Bardiani. It is important for Bardiani to be socially engaged with its employees. Bardiani is also the main sponsor of the "The Green Team" cycling team.
Max pressure
150 bar
Min. pressure
-1 bar
DN15 - DN100
Surface roughness
Ra < 0.8 µm


This high-pressure valve can be delivered with a documentation package that e.g. contains the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

USP Class VI

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The high-pressure valve from Bardiani Valvole is available in several different sizes. Feel free to contact us for help in choosing the right valve.
Rasmus Lundby
Technical Manager
Malene Junker
Internal Technical Sales


In this video, our BBZQ high-pressure valve from Bardiani Valvole - the only sanitary, 3A-certified high-pressure valve - is presented.

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