Exergy produces heat exchangers and WFI/PW dispensing systems for the semiconductor industry, Pharma & Biotech, the chemical industry, the food industry, etc.

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Since Exergy's inception in 1979, the company has built its reputation around the world for providing unsurpassed quality heat exchangers through its technical and manufacturing expertise. Exergy uses its extensive experience and proprietary software to design the optimal heat exchanger. Their goal is to provide heat exchangers of the highest quality at the most cost-effective price. Exergy heat exchangers are the solution for a wide range of applications, from R&D to production. Exergy's design of shell & tube and tube-in-tube are manufactured as standard in 316L stainless steel. With more than 50 installations worldwide, Exergy's Point-of-Use (POU) systems are the technology of choice for WFI (water-for-injection) applications. Exergy's heat exchangers are used for a wide range of applications in different markets, including:
  • Semiconductor industry: fine temperature control, processing equipment, high cleanliness for cleanrooms, lithography tools, gas cleaners, integrated fittings
  • Pharma/Biotech: application cooling or heating, water for injection (WFI), clean vapor condensation and subcooling, high-purity product-temperature control, product sampling
  • Alternative energy: liquid non-polar mixtures, acid bath, saturated steam/condenser, demineralized water, superheated steam, cylinder oil, hydrogen, fuel treatment
  • Defence: hydraulic oil, seawater, rocket fuel, O2 supply, purification
  • Research and development: high temperature/high pressure/low flow, point-of-use cooling and heating, product-temperature control with high purity, chromatography column, condensation and evaporation, sample cooling, multiphase fluids
  • Chemical: recuperators, acids, oxidizing media, polymers, synthetics, organic chlorides, regenerative heat transfer, evaporators, cryogenic cooling, sample cooling
  • Food and drink: extraction, homogenization, filling, process equipment, cryogenic cooling, additives, injection
Exergy offers unique solutions to difficult heat-transfer problems, expert analysis of any application, total customer support from first contact to final delivery, industry-leading design and analysis software, and proprietary software that accurately calculates performance.The product range includes industrial heat exchangers (Shell & Tube, Tube-in-tube), sanitary heat exchangers (Shell & Tube, Tube-in-tube), WFI/PW dispensing systems (PUREX: Custom and Economy). Production takes place in state-of-the-art facilities with specialized equipment and tools, and Exergy continuously improves their products and processes. Each heat exchanger is tested to check the pressure rating and guarantee that there are no leaks. There is also full traceability on every component and all heat exchangers can be supplied with documentation and certifications. Exergy's mission is to provide added value solutions to their customers' heat-transfer problems using advanced engineering, design and production techniques.