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  • Sani-60-Series-STS

Sanitairy tubular heat exchangers

Exergy tube exchangers are sanitary tube exchangers that are particularly suitable for sterile pharmaceutical products and the pharmaceutical industry's need to meet the highest requirements for hygiene and quality.
  • Nickel solder (no welds)
  • Fully drainable on the pipe side
  • Suitable for CIP
  • Can be electropolished for optimal surface quality
  • Available with single or double pipes for extra safety against contamination between product and cooling/heating medium
Product Number:EXERGY_STHE

Exergy manufactures heat exchangers and WFI/PW dispensing systems for the semiconductor industry, Pharma & Biotech, the chemical industry, the food industry, etc.

Since Exergy's inception in 1979, the company has built its reputation around the world for providing unsurpassed quality heat exchangers through its technical and manufacturing expertise. Exergy offers unique solutions to difficult heat-transfer problems, expert analysis of any application, total customer support from first contact to final delivery, industry-leading design and analysis software, and proprietary software that accurately calculates performance.
Maximum pressure
104 bar
19-127 mm in diameter
Surface roughness


This Exergy tube exchanger can be delivered with a documentation package, which includes the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Variant Description Datasheet
17 series Sanitary tubular exchanger with pipe diameter of 19 mm
Download datasheet
35 series Sanitary pipe exchanger with pipe diameter of 38 mm
Download datasheet
60 series Sanitary pipe exchanger with pipe diameter of 64 mm
Download datasheet
73 series Sanitary pipe exchanger with pipe diameter of 76 mm
Download datasheet
95 series Sanitary pipe exchanger with pipe diameter of 102 mm
Download datasheet
120 series
Download datasheet

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