The Italian pump manufacturer, OMAC, manufactures quality lobe pumps for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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OMAC has a strong focus on meeting the various requirements of customers and continuously improves the manufacturing process, the products and their customer service. The pumps are tested under strict requirements with special attention to performance. The company has complete traceability of materials, and the pumps can be supplied with certificates on all raw materials. OMAC works with the same passion as those who in the 70s focused on this pump technology and created the basis for what is now a consolidated and valued product all over world. Despite the successes achieved, OMAC continues to invest in new technologies, research and personnel, to improve their products and continue development. OMAC combines the typical flexibility of small companies with the expertise, technology, organization and worldwide network of large brands. OMAC is unique in the sector and combines the agility of the small company and the know-how of the international leader. Unlike all their competitors, they only produce lobe pumps and all their efforts are dedicated to the development of this type of pump. The series is continuously expanded and today includes 5 series that are able to cover the entire market for lobe pumps. From the simplest and cheapest to the highest quality level.
OMAC's specialization allows them to expand the range of applications for lobe pumps. Each pump is configured with technical and optional features to respond to a specific application, but OMAC's flexibility also allows them to create more demanding "customizations" based on the product's characteristics and the system and machine where they will be installed. In order to ensure the highest quality of their products, in addition to design, assembly and testing, OMAC's specialized staff manufactures the most important parts of the pumps in-house, such as rotors and pump casing. For us, it is important to have a wide range that is able to satisfy all customer needs; whether it requires a cheap product or requires pumps that meet the highest quality standards, certifications and compliance with hygiene standards. Efficient service and the ability to solve specific user problems have made OMAC a reference point at an international level. At Alflow, we make high demands on the quality of our products, which, among other things, implies a high standard of performance over a long period. That is why we sell a large selection of products from the quality brand OMAC. Contact us and find out more.