Servinox has unique know-how within the protection of process vessels and pipelines, sampling, pigging, washing, gas injection into liquids or mixtures and filtration.

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Servinox has unique know-how in protection of process vessels and piping, sampling, pigging, washing, gas injection into liquids or mixtures and filtration. Servinox has contributed to developing processes for more than 50 years through the quality of their products, their expertise and their performance commitments. Servinox, a French manufacturer, was founded in 1966 by a master brewer who chose to design and manufacture his own equipment to optimize his production. Over the years, the company branched out into the beverage sector and then into all sectors of the food industry. Servinox also supports stakeholders in the cosmetics, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors and attracts an increasing number of players from a wide range of industries.Servinox currently employs 35 people and the company is based in the Paris region with a team of engineers in the design office, a production workshop, a purchasing department and other support services as well as a sales department with 10 employees. 
Servinox believes in building a relationship based on trust to improve and secure your processes in the long term. They are an integrated, flexible manufacturer that offers certified and hygienic solutions. The company offers pigging and washing solutions to secure and protect tanks, increase the quality of sampling and streamline facilities. Servinox has developed simulation tools that offer ever more innovative and customized solutions. The company has continued its growth by certifying its products and organization and continues to develop internationally. Servinox is more than just a supplier - they are a true partner who listens to the needs of customers and is ready to help them achieve success. Alflow sells a wide range of Servinox products.