Ygros Valves

Ygros Valves a leading manufacturer of springless non-return valves for applications in the food, beverage, dairy, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, oil and gas industries.

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Ygros Valves

About Ygros Valves

Ygros Valves originally started as an internal division of Carollo srl, an engineering company with more than 50 years of experience in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In 2004, the Ygros project began to take shape thanks to the challenge of particularly corrosive applications. It was then that the idea to produce an innovative, springless non-return valve was born. Over the years, the company has developed a patented, magnetic technology that provides a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free non-return valve, ensuring unsurpassed standards of hygiene, durability and efficiency. Ygros was founded as an independent company in 2010, and the first valve was immediately patented: it was the EDF model, which is still the company's best-selling product to this day. Over the years, it has been followed by many new models to suit different applications: Wafer, Pharmaball, Aggroball and the latest models, YEV and YSV, which were added to the Ygros range in 2020. Ygros valves are innovative and unique products that combines the use of high-quality materials with a completely new technology. In fact, Ygros valves can solve the most common problems caused by spring-loaded non-return valves, such as breakage or jamming of the spring itself (with consequent problems on the industrial plant) and corrosion of the materials, while a lower energy consumption is needed to keep the valve fully open. Ygros valves also have high standards of hygiene and efficiency, require less maintenance and are built to last. Ygros valves are suitable for all installation positions (including vertical with downward flow).
Each model is suitable for specific applications: the EDF valve is mostly used in CIP systems, in the pharmaceutical industry and sometimes in the food industry; Wafer valve is used to treat less valuable applications such as dirty water; Pharmaball is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, while Aggroball for the chemical industry. The YEV valve is suitable for the food and beverage industry, has lower costs and was developed to be purchased in larger quantities; YSV valve has the feature that it can be extracted. The EDF valve and the YEV valve can also be selected in their 3-A certified version, manufactured specifically for the American market. At Ygros, everyone plays a valuable role and contributes to the company's progress. Team spirit is considered a fundamental value and necessary to achieve new, ambitious goals. The company aims to achieve concrete results with full satisfaction of the customer's needs. Ygros is a company that wants and knows how to learn from others. Their worldwide export activities give them the opportunity not only to give, but also to receive a lot, learning from the experience of other countries and other markets and thereby cultivating a "best practice" that makes it possible to get the best out of the various experiences the company faces. Ygros is a company that is always ready for new challenges and constantly implements its products to provide the best possible service. Alflow sells a large selection of springless check/shutoff valves from Ygros Valves. Contact us and find out more.