Centrifugal pumps

A centrifugal pump is an effective solution when large volumes of liquid, typically with low viscosity, need to be transported.

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Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is an effective solution when large volumes of liquid, typically with low viscosity, need to be transported. Typical applications for centrifugal pumps therefore include water, wastewater, various types of oil, solvents, as well as acids and bases.

A centrifugal pump is a very versatile pump that simply and cost effectively solves a wide range of tasks in a setup. The centrifugal pump utilises centrifugal force to transport fluid out of the pump chamber using a rotating impeller, and compared to other types of pumps, a centrifugal pump uses only a limited amount of energy.

At Alflow, we sell centrifugal pumps for several industries. The pumps are produced in durable materials that help ensure an efficient experience. See the range of centrifugal pumps from leading manufacturers on this site and transport the liquids in the most efficient way.

What is a centrifugal pump?

A centrifugal pump is a rotodynamic type of pump. It is typically the most common sanitary type of pump. Some of the advantages of centrifugal pumps are the relatively low purchase price, the wide range of types, the simple design and the easy maintenance.

A centrifugal pump is made to transport water and similar liquids of the same viscosity. It is the most common type of pump and is extremely easy to maintain. The construction is robust, and the high speed of the pump makes it possible to connect to an asynchronous motor.

As with the centrifugal pump, an asynchronous motor is also among the most popular motor types. In fact, it provides the pump with an even fluid flow, which allows you to throttle the flow of fluid without damaging the pump. This makes the pump extremely versatile, which means that it is suitable for various specialist tasks.

What are the typical centrifugal pumps?

There are several types of centrifugal pumps, including standard pumps for most applications, multistage centrifugal pumps that function as pumps in a series, aseptic centrifugal pumps for optimal product safety, as well as high-clean pumps for pharma or similar applications that require better cleaning options.

Find a multi-purpose centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump can of course be used for several different purposes. We have mentioned below, some of the places where a centrifugal pump can be used:

  • Supply water from a well or tank
  • Circulate water in a closed system
  • Increase the pressure in a cold-water system

The centrifugal pump ensures that the water is led into the centre of the rotating impeller, also called the hub. Subsequently, the fluid is transported out towards the periphery of the impellers by means of rotating kinetic energy, which subsequently becomes the hydrodynamic energy. It is possible because of the centrifugal force.

As you probably know, a wastewater pump actually uses the same method, but is designed to handle dirty liquids, as it has an impeller that prevents dirt and objects from getting stuck in the pump. Should a difference in pressure occur in the system, the fluid can still be transported through the pump. It is built on an open system, so even if the pump is not running, the fluid is still being transported.

Fluids for centrifugal pumps

If the pump must work with fluids other than water, a centrifugal pump is still suitable for several systems. As long as the fluid is clean and still has a similar viscosity, the pump can still work. For example, the pump is compatible with:

  • Mild acids and bases
  • Thin oils
  • Salt water

Therefore, If fluids other than water are to be transported, a centrifugal pump may be something for you. If you are dealing with a toxic medium, it is a good idea to choose a centrifugal pump with a magnetic coupling. In this way, the pump avoids releasing toxic media or fumes into your surroundings. Because using centrifugal pumps from Alflow has to be efficient, and it can be by using our magnetically coupled pumps.

How to operate a centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps from Alflow are incredibly easy to use and connect. The smart pumps are equipped with an electric motor, which can use the centrifugal force to fling the water into another circuit. The pump is connected, the engine is switched on and the fluid will be conducted on.

In our range, you can also find self-priming pumps that help to evacuate air from the suction side without external aids. To be able to transport fluids, the pump must have a sufficient quantity of fluid in the pump housing. If there is not enough water in the pump housing, the centrifugal pump could be damaged due to dry running. A self-priming pump can help with this, thus reducing the risk of water hammer and damage.

How to find the right centrifugal pump?

To ensure a correct pump selection, it is important to consider all necessary process and site data as well as customer preferences. It is important to be aware of process type, capacity, inlet pressure, head, NPSHa, risk of cavitation, voltage supply, frequency, installation conditions and fluid data such as temperature, viscosity, abrasives, solids, etc.

Buy centrifugal pumps from Alflow

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you get a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this site you can find centrifugal pumps of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. This means that our centrifugal pumps live up to the requirements of different industries. That way, you can count on good performance with our centrifugal pump.

You can choose to have the pump delivered with the current certificates, which are suitable for several industries. For example, certificates such as:

  • FDA
  • EN10204-3.1

At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with processes, applications and components within industries such as the food industry and the chemical industry. So if you need a pump to transport water or chemical fluids, you can find it at Alflow. Want to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right centrifugal pump. You can easily contact us here on the site.

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So we have pumps for several purposes, and you can find them at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries. This way, you and your customers are ensured of an efficient and optimal experience with our products.