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CR Centrifugal pump

The special spiral wheel in combination with the large volume of the pump housing and reduced operating speed make this pump suitable for handling delicate liquids.
  • Equipped with bearing bed on impeller for longer life; the pump does not rest on the motor bearings
  • Replacement of motor can be done in production without pulling the pump out of the system; save a CIP as well as production time
  • Lower speed of the pump means that it handles thick liquids
  • Unique spiral impeller and the shape of the pump housing means that the pump easily handles particles
Product Number:CSF_CR

CSF, which is synonymous with quality and high specialisation, offers the international market a complete range of highly sanitary products that meet the needs of several applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Founded in 1970 in Montecchio Emilia, CSF Inox S.p.A. is today a world-leading company in the production of pumps designed primarily for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Max pressure
2 bar
Max capacity
150 m³/h
480 cP
DN65 - DN125


This pump can be delivered with a documentation package that i.a. contains the following certificates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

USP Class VI


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