Alflow offers electropolishing of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical, process, chemical and food industries.

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For more than 20 years, we at Alflow have carried out professional surface treatment. This includes electropolishing of stainless steel for the pharmaceutical, process, chemical and food industries. For you, this means a company with extensive experience in delivering a smooth, strong result and a glossy surface on your items. Smoothing and streamlining the surface on a microscopic level Maximum corrosion resistance, low surface roughness and long service life. These are just some of the benefits of electropolishing. At Alflow, we focus on creating the smoothest surface, which is also the strongest, most hygienic and easy to clean. This means that our electrochemical polishing delivers a clean metallic surface for your materials. It is especially useful for critical equipment in the pharmaceutical and food sector requiring minimal risk of bacteria and easy cleaning. Naturally, documentation is available should you require it. Whatever your business needs, you can count on our electropolishing to meet all your requirements relating to performance, the environment and hygiene. It ensures increased operational reliability and an optimal surface. If you want advice or testing, we also offer a number of services on various flow products - including electropolishing and onsite. Electropolishing with emphasis on design, environment and hygiene There are many benefits to using electropolishing. The method is effective for smoothing and streamlining surfaces in several different industries. For example, electropolishing can be used for polishing and grinding smaller products in the pharmaceutical industry. Electropolishing, involves the immersion of a piece of metal into a vessel, usually containing sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. The temperature is normally above 50ºC. The item itself is connected anodically by means of a rectifier. During the process, the outer layer of the steel is slowly peeled off. This removes any roughness on the metal. In addition to stainless steel, this could also be aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium, carbon steel and nitinol.

After the metal has been dipped in the acid bath, not only are you left with an item with a strong, shiny surface. It is also more difficult for rust to form, as the polishing is so even and smooth. It is also harder for chloride, limescale and salt to settle. With electropolishing, it is easier to keep the material clean. The result is a uniform, glossy surface that is easy to maintain and has great strength. A serious supplier of electropolishing of stainless steel As a major supplier of quality products to the food sector as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, demands are high. Therefore, we continuously ensure that our suppliers comply with all applicable requirements of directives and standards within these sectors. At the same time, we have several specialists with many years of experience. Therefore, you can be completely confident if you wish to work with us. We offer, e.g., thorough electropolishing of stainless steel, but you also have the option of many other types of surface treatment. See, e.g., all our products and components within four different sectors. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more about the possibilities of surface treatment of different metals.