On-site Service

Together with Henkel, we offer electrochemical and chemical cleaning on your site.
  • Flexible solutions so we can adapt the work to the specific task
  • Before the work, a SOP is prepared
  • Workplace safety is of a high priority
  • We can provide full documentation of the work performed
  • Certificates in applied chemistry
Product Number:HENKEL_ONSITE

Henkel is one of the leading companies in electrochemical surface treatment in Europe. With over 40 years of experience, they have a unique concept and a high quality.

Through extensive experience and knowledge, they have built extensive skills for electrochemical surface treatment.


Do you have any questions or do you need help finding the right surface treatment?

We offer various types of on-site surface treatment. Feel free to contact us for help with choosing the right surface treatment.
Conni Gram Sønderskov
Internal Technical Sales

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