Scraped-surface heat exchangers

Alflow sells scraped-surface heat exchangers for applications within the food industry.

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Scraped-surface heat exchangers Alflow sells some of the market’s best scraped-surface heat exchangers for sanitary applications. We have scraped-surface heat exchangers for applications within the food industry. Explore our scraped-surface heat exchangers on this site. Scraped-surface heat exchangers: efficient heating and cooling Scraped-surface heat exchangers are an efficient and safe way to heat or cool a product. High thermal efficiency with gentle handling. Secure heat transfer with challenging products. Scraped-surface heat exchangers are ideal for viscous and delicate products, especially for those containing soft solids. Perfect for complex liquids that tend to burn on or solidify on hot or cold surfaces. For example, our scraped-surface heat exchangers are compatible with: • Fruit pie filling • Jams & preserves • Ketchup • Mayonnaise • Chocolate • Sauces • Soups • Ready meals • Ragu • Gelatine • Baby food • Honey • Sugar • Confectionery • Butter • Curd • Ice cream • Oils & fats • Emulsions • Liquid eggs • Etc. Heat exchangers with long-lasting solution Do you work in the food industry and do you need an efficient way to heat or cool your product without it burning or solidifying? Then a heat exchanger from our selection will definitely be suitable for you. For demanding tasks, it is important that your equipment is completely in order. Therefore, all scraped-surface heat exchangers from Alflow are type approved and produced in appropriate materials. In addition, they meet industrial requirements in relation to use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. At the same time, this means that our scraped-surface heat exchangers are easy to service. You can choose to have the scraped-surface heat exchanger delivered with the current certificates, which are suitable for several industries. For example, certificates such as: • FDA • 3A At Alflow, we also want to supply the best heat exchangers on the market. This can be seen, e.g., by the fact that our models are extremely durable, as they are produced in the most suitable material in terms of application possibilities. By purchasing heat exchangers from Alflow, you get a long-lasting solution. Scraped-surface heat exchangers work by the product entering and leaving the heat exchanger through specially profiled cylinder heads, which are designed for easy product flow and low stress. This is especially good for safe treatment of shear sensitive liquids.
Blades attached to the rotating shaft create a gentle and highly efficient recirculation effect as the product passes through the heat exchanger. This ensures that an even temperature is achieved throughout the product and that the product does not burn or solidify on the hot or cold surface. The service medium, which normally runs through the cylinder shell in the opposite direction to the product, provides efficient heating or cooling of a wide range of products with medium to high viscosity. There are a number of benefits to choosing a scraped-surface heat exchanger: - Reliable heat transfer with challenging products - High thermal efficiency with gentle handling - Easy separation and inspection - Low maintenance requirements Did you know that we also offer thorough servicing of heat exchangers? With a heat exchanger from our range, your processes are thus ensured reliable operation and close fit in both directions - both at high and low temperatures. Your personal and professional partner Alflow is a recognised and serious supplier of high-quality products from reputable brands. Do you therefore need guidance or professional advice in relation to materials, qualities, flow or components? Then we are always available so that together we can find the best solution for your task. We wish to be updated on the latest news and developments, and that you get the right equipment for the job. That way, you are better assured of accurate and competent advice each time we are in dialogue. Maybe you need a tailor-made solution for your business? Or do you need a new product on the market that we can provide? Together with our reputable suppliers, we work to be at the forefront of the industry. Contact us if you need help, advice or want to find out more about our products and services. Contact us for scraped-surface heat exchangers and other flow products In addition to our professional scraped-surface heat exchangers, we also have a wide range of other flow products for both sanitary and industrial applications. This includes valves, pumps, mixers and tank equipment in plastic, stainless steel and other variants. Here, of course, the demands for reliability and tightness are also great. Common to all of them is to ensure you long-term operation thanks to less need for maintenance and where downtime is critical. We are therefore constantly improving our quality system and processes to ensure that we comply with all requirements and expectations of our customers. It gives you not only financial benefits but also better quality in your business. As a B2B company, we at Alflow strive to be able to deliver the absolute best products within flow equipment on the market. And with more than 20 years of experience behind us, we offer a wide range of knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the food industry. Are you interested in finding out more about our heat exchangers or other products? Contact us via our easy contact form here. Then we will respond as soon as possible and find the best match for your application.