Hercules Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

MBS Hercules is a sanitary scraped surface heat exchanger that is suitable for viscous products, especially if the contents have soft solid particles that may risk burn-on
  • Secure heat transfer with challenging products
  • High thermal efficiency with gentle handling
  • Prevents or reduces the risk of burn-on
  • Easy disassembly and inspection
  • Simple construction
  • Low maintenance requirements
Product Number:MBS_HERCULES

With more than 25 years of experience, MBS is a leader in the development and manufacture of heat exchangers for pharmaceutical products, foods and chemicals.

MBS S.r.l. was started back in 1995, but in 2008 the company became part of the CSF Inox Group. The company is ISO9001 certified and the team of experts offers both technical and commercial support at a high level. One of MBS' core values is research and innovation, which aims to create value for customers.
Max pressure
19.5 bar
DN50 - DN65


This Hercules scraped surface heat exchanger can be supplied with the following certificates. Contact us if you have questions about the heat exchanger or certificates.



Variant Description Datasheet
H5 The Hercules heat exchanger is available in a variant with a 0.5 m² exchange surface
H10 The Hercules heat exchanger is available in a large variant with a 1 m² exchange surface

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