Seat valves

Seat valves for all sanitary applications – including single-seat valves, double-seat valves, high-pressure valves, single-seat tank-bottom valves and aseptic single-seat valves.

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Seat valves

At Alflow, we want to offer you the best seat valves and flow components. This includes, e.g., efficient, durable equipment from skilled and reliable suppliers. In this way, you are guaranteed expert and safe guidance, and always the right seat valve for the job, to suit your requirements.

What is a seat valve?

Seat valves typically consist of body, plug, handle (manual), actuator (automatic), seals and connections. They seal the flow of fluid or divert it from one line to another by means of a plug pressed against a seat. Single seat valves are widely used in manual and automatic sanitary processes due to the relatively simple design, the variety of types and relatively low purchase costs.

Seat valves belong to the group of control valves that ensure stable and accurate adjustment of media, water, gases, steam and aggressive media.

This means that if, for example, you have a piping system with seat valves, then the individual seat valve will seal the flow of liquid or divert it from one line to another by means of a sealing surface that is pressed against the seat. This ensures a regulation of the flow.

Seat valves are thus very useful for quick activations, high temperatures and regulation. That’s why you often see them being used to control steam and water. The primary areas are various applications in the industrial processes, but also in sterile and hygienic applications within pharmaceuticals, food and biotechnology.

You can see all our efficient valves here.

What types of seat valves are there?

A single-seat valve is typically available in many types and configurations to meet most process requirements. This includes both manual valves for simple processes and automatic, aseptic valves for the highest requirements for cleanliness and sterility.

Which seat valves should I choose?

You can find a seat valve in different versions – it includes both manual valves for simple processes and automatic aseptic valves for the highest requirements for cleaning and sterility. A single-seat valve is primarily seen in manual and automatic sanitary processes. This is due to a relatively simple design and low costs.

Seat valves can be found as:

  • Standard valve : For most applications and with manual or automatic valve. It is also available in many sizes for a wide range of tasks.
  • Automatic two-stage valve : This type is often used for dosing, which reduces the flow before it is completely shut off.
  • Aseptic valve : This type of seat valve is designed for aseptic processes and/or for increased ease of cleaning requirements.

And still more. Not sure which valve best meets your needs? Then we are ready to advise and guide you. We have over 20 years of experience in components for both the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the food industry primarily in Denmark – including pumps, valves, tank equipment, mixers, hoses, pipes and fittings.

In order to ensure a correct selection of the valve, together with you we ensure that all necessary process and location data as well as customer preferences are obtained. For example, is the operation manual or automatic? And how many activations and cleaning cycles are there? These factors and other issues determine the choice of valve and configuration.

For you, this means a safe, professional and experienced business partner. Take a closer look at all our components and products here.

How to find the right seat valve?

In order to ensure a correct valve selection, it is important to consider all necessary process and site data as well as customer preferences – including capacity, pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc.

Discover the selection of valves in stainless steel

At Alflow we supply professional seat valves for industry. All have a modern and compact design. In addition, they are really solid. This is because they are produced in solid, high-quality stainless steel. This reduces both the resistance and the knocking in the pipes, and you get highly durable components with a long service life.

The selection varies from, e.g., double-seat valves, single-seat valves and high-pressure valves. The sizes can be from DN15 to DN100 with a maximum pressure of 150 bar. In addition, you can get documentation, which includes, e.g., the certificates, which you can also read by the individual product on this website.

The purpose of all of them is to meet your most stringent regulatory requirements. And the valves are designed to be extremely long-lasting. With our seat valves, you get benefits like efficient functionality, compact design and less time and hassle in demanding process environments.

Want to know more about the right valve for your application? Then our experienced specialists at Alflow are ready to help you find the right valve. You just need to fill in this easy contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours.

Your partner for professional production of flow components

With Alflow as your professional B2B company, we not only supply the right equipment for your particular project. We also have top professional staff who focus exclusively on the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

So when you talk to us, you’ll meet people who have a wealth of knowledge about your industry and its specific circumstances. If you need us to come to you, we also offer service for flow products – both onsite and offsite. This can, for example, be service on plate heat exchangers, testing of holding-cell temperature and service on valves.

The professional approach and security entails a focus on ensuring that our brands comply with all applicable requirements from standards and directives. We represent and distribute a wide range of recognised brands and manufacturers. Here, everyone works purposefully to develop new innovative flow components for the benefit of your company.

Would you like to find out about some of our previous successful deals? Then you are welcome to read our various cases here. Maybe you have a similar challenge that you would like to solve?