Tank cleaners

Alflow sells type approved tank-cleaning equipment for the chemical, process, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Tank cleaners

Alflow sells a wide range of tank-cleaning equipment for tank applications in the chemical, process, pharmaceutical and food industries. We have, e.g., cleaning turbines, washing valves and rotary spray heads. Explore our various tank cleaners on the website.

Tank cleaners for efficient tank cleaning The tank cleaners ensure easy and efficient cleaning of tanks that contain liquids with low to high viscosity and with and without solid particles. Our tank cleaners are suitable for cleaning different types of tanks, and they can be delivered with full documentation – including FDA, 3A, EN10204-3.1. and ATEX.

Tank cleaners are used, e.g., for cleaning:

  • Mixing containers and tanks
  • Reactors
  • IBC-tanks
  • Road and railway tankers
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Heavy-duty process containers
  • Large process containers
  • Large silos
  • Large reactors
  • Large Uni tanks
  • Transport tanks
  • Etc.

Tank cleaners are versatile and suitable for handling several types of media and handle both clear thin liquids, but also liquids with higher viscosity. For example, they are compatible with:

  • Wine and beer
  • Paint
  • Solvents
  • Fermenting and fermentation products
  • Crude oil
  • Dairy products
  • DrinksEtc.

Tank cleaners with long-lasting solution

Do you work in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry, and do you need to be able to clean your tanks 100%? Then a tank cleaner from our selection will definitely be suitable for you.

For demanding tasks and aggressive media, it is important that your equipment is completely in order. That’s why all tank cleaners from Alflow are type approved. In addition, they meet industrial requirements in relation to use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. This ensures that our tank equipment is easy to service. This means that you are guaranteed investment in a product that will last well into the future.

You can choose to have the tank cleaners delivered with the current certificates, which are suitable for several industries. For example, certificates such as:

  • FDA
  • 3A
  • EN10204-3.1.
  • ATEX
  • Etc.

At Alflow, we also want to supply the best tank cleaners on the market. This can be seen, e.g., by the fact that our models are extremely durable as they are produced in the most suitable material in terms of application possibilities. By purchasing tank cleaners from Alflow, you are ensured of a long-lasting solution.

We have a wide selection of tank cleaners – including cleaning turbines, washing valves and rotary spray heads. Our range of tank cleaners includes:

  • rotary cleaning turbines for hygienic-tank cleaning
  • flush-mounted washing valves (or cleaning nozzles) for cleaning dead zones in a tank and its equipment
  • ATEX-approved single-jet cleaning turbines for the oil, gas and similar industries
  • cleaning turbines for silos and tanks in industrial applications
  • bearing-free rotary spray heads (or cleaning balls) driven by the cleaning medium

Our rotary cleaning turbines for hygienic tank cleaning are powered by the cleaning medium. They are completely self-cleaning and easy to service. The turbines guarantee 360° cleaning on time depending on the fluid pressure, and the worm gear units allow the turbine to handle particles in the CIP fluid.

Our flush-mounted washing valves are specially designed for cleaning dead zones in a tank and its equipment. The size and orientation of the holes are calculated based on its location and the zones to be affected in the tank. The flush-mounted washing valves are particularly suitable in tanks that are stirred with scraper blades thanks to the flush-mount design, which means that the nozzle does not protrude into the tank.

Our single-jet cleaning turbines are single-jet cleaning turbines that are ATEX approved for the oil, gas and similar industries. With these cleaning turbines you have the option of programming for sector cleaning, pitch control and custom lengths. They also have an external pneumatic drive and a very durable stainless steel construction.

We also have tank-cleaning turbines that are specially designed for silos and tanks in industrial applications. They are available with either electric or pneumatic external drive that provides precise cleaning and they can be mounted fixed or used as a portable device. Smart bayonet coupling for quick assembly and disassembly.

Our bearing-free rotary spray heads are efficient cleaning balls with a liquid bearing and have a superbly long service life that is 2-3 times longer than cleaning balls with ball bearings. They are self-cleaning and self-draining, and coverage is 360 degrees. The rotary spray heads are rotating cleaning balls, which are driven via the cleaning medium. They are available in 3 different sizes, which are ideal for small and medium-sized tanks, respectively.

Your personal and professional partner

Alflow is a recognised and serious supplier of high-quality products from reputable brands. Do you therefore need guidance or professional advice in relation to materials, qualities, flow or components? Then we are always available so that together we can find the best solution for your task.

We wish to be updated on the latest news and developments, and that you get the right equipment for the job. That way, you are better assured of accurate and competent advice each time we are in dialogue.

Maybe you need a tailor-made solution for your business? Or do you need a new product on the market that we can provide? Together with our reputable suppliers, we work to be at the forefront of the industry. Contact us if you need help, advice or want to find out more about our products and services.

Contact us for tank cleaners and other tank equipment

In addition to our professional tank cleaners, we also have a wide range of other tank equipment for both sanitary and industrial applications. This includes tank-bottom valves, magnetically coupled mixers, agitators, connectors and pressure-relief equipment. Here, of course, the demands for reliability and tightness are also great.

Common to all of them is to ensure long-term operation thanks to less need for maintenance, where downtime is critical. We are therefore constantly improving our quality system and processes to ensure that we comply with all requirements and expectations of our customers. It brings not only financial benefits but also better quality in your business.

As a B2B company, we at Alflow strive to be able to deliver the absolute best products within flow equipment on the market. And with more than 20 years of experience behind us, we offer a wide range of knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the food industry.

Are you interested in finding out more about our tank cleaners or other products? Contact us via our easy contact form here. Then we will respond as soon as possible and find the best match for your application.