Tube sealers and welders

Tube sealers & welders for single-use tubes in TPE, PVC, EVA, urethane and nylon for sealing both dry and liquid-filled tubes.

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Tube sealers and welders Alflow sells a wide range of tube sealers & welders for single-use tubes in TPE, PVC, EVA, urethane and nylon for sealing both dry and liquid-filled tubes in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry as well as the blood and plasma industry. See the selection of tube sealers and welders from leading manufacturers on this site. What are tube sealers and welders? The tube welders and tube sealers can quickly and easily weld and seal both dry and liquid-filled tubes. And we have both handheld and remote-controlled models. Our tube welder is a simple and efficient welder for TPE tubes. It is simple and user-friendly, and it can weld TPE tubes from 0.375"-0.750" in diameter. The sterile welder is a stand-alone, automated device that can be placed on a table and requires minimal user interface for easy operation. It is designed for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications where aseptic tube connections are required, and it creates a unique aseptic tube connection between two separate tubes. Furthermore, the unit has automatic heating and temperature monitoring as well as an automated mechanical assembly for carrying out pipe welding. Our tube sealers are available in various models for sealing small, medium and large tubes in PVC, EVA, Urethane, Nylon and TPE, respectively. The tube sealers are available both as hand-held and with remote control, and are ergonomically designed. The tube sealers' simple and user-friendly control panel allows for precise configuration and operation, and the sealing heads have a built-in safety locking function to prevent them from being opened when a sealing cycle has begun. Find the right tube sealers and welders for your application We have a wide range of single-use tube sealers and welders that can be used to seal and weld tubes in a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries as well as the blood and plasma industries. Our tube sealers and welders can seal and weld single-use tubes in many different materials, e.g.: • PVC • EVA • Urethane • Nylon • TPE Our tube sealers and welders are designed for use in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes where aseptic and sterile tube connections are required. The tube welders and tube sealers can quickly and easily weld and seal both dry and liquid-filled tubes and thus ensure the integrity of the system, as it is not necessary to disconnect the tubes and empty them first before welding or sealing. The use of single-use systems eliminates the need for production stoppages for the purpose of sterilisation, reduces the risk of contamination, and increases efficiency by incorporating moulded single-use manifold tube assemblies. The single-use systems simplify the cleaning validation in that they are used once and then discarded. By doing so, they reduce the end user's cost of labour and time, while saving energy and resource costs by eliminating the need for cleaning and autoclaving after each batch.
Single-use systems provide flexibility and speed in facility design, as system conversions are implemented faster than with hard stainless-steel pipes. They also provide less costly process development and design compared to steel systems. Purchase tube sealers and welders from Alflow We pride ourselves on ensuring that you get a good experience at Alflow. Therefore, on this site you can find tube sealers and welders of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. This means that our tube sealers and welders live up to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of use, hygiene, environment and serviceability. This means that they are all type approved and produced in appropriate materials. That way, you can count on a good system with our tube sealers and welders. You can choose to have your tube sealers and welders delivered with the applicable certificates that are suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. We recognise the importance of absolute cleanliness in pharmaceutical processes, and with single-use products you not only achieve perfect cleanliness, but also savings in time and in the use of cleaning agents. At Alflow, we have over 20 years of experience with processes, applications and components within industries such as the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, if you need tube sealers and welders to seal and weld your single-use tubes for pharmaceutical liquids, you can find them at Alflow. Want to know more? Then our specialists are ready to help you find the right tube sealers and welders, so we work together to find the best match for your application. You can easily contact us here on the site. See also our other single-use products Do you or your customers need other components for your processes? Then you can explore the range of single-use equipment. At Alflow you can find, e.g.: • Single-use bags • Pass-through systems • Single-use fittings • Single-use pumps • Single-use valves • Single-use clamps • Single-use tubes • Etc. Therefore, we have process equipment for several purposes, and you can find it at Alflow. We are a recognised supplier of high-quality products. At Alflow, we comply with current requirements and standards within several industries. This way, you and your customers are ensured of an efficient and optimal experience with our products. We always seek to find the most value-creating match for your application, so that we can contribute to a greater return on your production through less maintenance and downtime. If we can achieve this together, we will live up to our goal of being your value-creating partner.